The Real World Graph is Unacast's award-winning data engine. This leading-edge tech, in combination with human-powered data science and business acumen, can describe human mobility in an infinite number of ways.

We believe that valuable human mobility data has the human touch behind it. That’s how our data-science-based approach provides maximum accuracy with enough flexibility to tackle any location-related challenge.

Location Data

Location data can be incomplete, intrusive, or full of noise — that’s why we make sure that every byte that goes into our set is up to our exacting standards.

Fully Transparent Sourcing + Ingestion

Unacast gathers aggregated GPS data from smartphones and mobile apps, with opt-in consent from users. All data is privacy compliant in the markets in which we operate, and used for good.

Light Filtering + Standardization

In addition to filtering out invalid data, we standardize the nomenclatures of all providers to allow for seamless useability.

The Highest Standard of

Born out of Norway, we set privacy at the forefront of all products and insights we create. We are GDPR-compliant and gearing up for CCPA.

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Map Data

The moment a map is published it is already out of date — that’s why we dedicate significant resources to updating and improving our Digital Atlas to reflect an ever-changing world. With a variety of unique scales and perspectives available, we are able to see our location data from nearly any point of view.

Map Brand Locations

Brands + Locations

With coverage of 4,500 brands and +5 million Points of Interest, we can uncover patterns for individual locations or whole brands.

Municipal Maps

Municipal Maps

Using data from publicly-available sets, our scales range from individual property boundaries to cities to whole countries.



Rather than using our maps, we can ingest your venues and Points of Interest to focus on the specific places relevant to your organization.

Strategic Intelligence

The Real World Graph can tell the whole story of human activity using just six different kinds of calculations. Our analytics team strategically correlates and sequences these calculations to help answer common and uncommon business questions.

Capture Rate

How many people in your area visit your venue?

Catchment Area

Where are your visitors coming from?


Where else do your visitors go?

Dwell Time

How long do your visitors stay at your venue?

Foot Traffic

How many people are near your venue?


How many people spend time at your venue?

Delivery Options

Unacast offers flexible delivery methods depending on your team’s needs.

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Curated Data Sets

Build and download your own JSON files and other import-friendly formats

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Easily connect Unacast insights and data feeds — including the Real World Graph — to your in-house systems.

Icon - Visualizations


See the data actualized through charts, graphs, and other meaningful perspectives.

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Strategic Recommendations

Our analytics team creates bespoke documents that illustrate data and clearly articulate likely interpretations.

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