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Human mobility insights

Understanding how people move around the planet leads to better products and stronger business decisions. We combine location data, map data, and strategic intelligence to provide you with the best possible picture of real-world human activity.

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The industry’s most trustworthy location data.

Clients rely on our relentless pursuit of quality and data-science-based approach for an accurate picture of real-world events, tailored to their needs.

  • Industry leading companies like Carto, Telia, and MiQ choose Unacast to help them move their businesses forward.

  • High-quality location data from more than 127 million monthly active users and counting.

  • Our clients trust us to put privacy front and center. We are compliant with GDPR and CCPA — and our own privacy guidelines go beyond legislation.

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"Unacast's data has allowed us to bring greater value and deeper insights to our Real Estate, Retail, and Consulting clients for their Site Planning and Monitoring needs."
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Flo Broderick
VP of Marketing, Carto
"Unacast offers S4M effective, flexible, and fully-customized location data solutions. Their team always thinks outside the box."
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Lauren Bigland
VP of Brand Strategy & Communications, S4M
"Providing Unacast data alongside other data streams such as transactions, weather, or demographics has been a game changer for our client in unlocking new insights."
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Javier Pérez Trufero
Head of Data, Carto
"Not only is the quality of their product best in class, the responsiveness of their experienced team makes them great to work with."
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Peter Pupello, Marketing
Public Relations Manager, Triad

Location data you can trust

Illustration - Quality over quantity

Quality > Quantity

What good is a large amount of data if it’s not accurate? High thresholds and standards for data quality gives our clients confidence that they are making decisions based on real-world events.

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Rooted In Data Science

Data doesn’t lie, but sometimes it can be misleading if not understood correctly. Using a deep understanding of statistics, we avoid oversimplifying or drawing the wrong conclusions about human behavior.

Illustration - Leading Edge Privacy

Leading-Edge Privacy

Born out of Norway, privacy has been at the center of Unacast since inception. We enthusiastically comply with the GDPR and have also adopted the CCPA (California’s Consumer Privacy Act) for the whole of the US.

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Each company has a unique set of goals and challenges. We offer white-glove service to fully provide customized insights that help maximize the value of our data.

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