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CTO Frode Bjerke Named to 2019 Leadership Talents Award

Earlier this month, our very own CTO Frode Bjerke was awarded one of the top young leaders and one of the top ten innovators in Norway by @E.24. We are so proud to have Frode's talent and visionary thinking at Unacast as we build The Real World Graph®.

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Semper Fidelis and Sales Cycles? How The US Marines Prepared Me For A Career in Sales

Before joining Unacast, Sales Director Richie Doyen was in the US Marines. But how exactly did his life in the military prepare him for a career in sales?

Why We Need to Embrace Presence in Problem-Solving

With International Women's Day on the horizon, Senior Director of Marketing Rachel Peterson dives into why diversity leads to better business solutions.

Giving Back, the Unacast Way

We're giving back to the NYC community.

We’ve Tried Something New: Veggie Wednesdays

We decided to do our little part to reduce meat consumption by exchanging one meal per week at work with vegetarian food: Veggie Wednesday. We have just started and we have much more to learn, but we are doing something - and so should you

Unacast is Awarded Best Places To Work in NYC 2019

We are excited and proud to announce that Unacast has been awarded the #1 small company to work for in NYC, and the #4 overall of all companies in the Built In NYC's 2019 "Best Places to Work" Awards!

A Data-Driven Christmas Gift

For the third year in a row we are not giving Christmas gifts to the people at Unacast, but rather donate the money to charity. A data-driven charity: GiweWell.org

A Star Was (not) Born - But a Salesperson Was

What do lessons learned from a brief acting stint have to do with being successful in Sales? Sr. Director of Jessica Cunningham shares her experience.

Anarchy in the UC

Processes and rules can be important, but when people start spending more time arguing about how things aught to be done vs actually doing them, they can get in the way. Specialized software engineer Jørgen Braseth explains how our "Be Your Own CEO" value has changed the way Unacast tackles problems.

The Birth of UNA – A Journey Through The Valley of Values

This is the story of how the journey that culminated in the birth of UNA started three years ago. We thought, as most companies do in this day and age, that we must have “some values”. And, so we created “some values”. But no-one used them. Learn about how UNA became the solution.

5 Steps To Build An Agile Team

Startups goals, plans and structures can change quickly - so, how do you stay agile and build teams in a smart way? Senior Software Engineer Tor Åge Ballo goes through the process.

Follow Up and Follow Through: Defining Client Success

How is success defined at Unacast? Sr. Director of Client Success Cindy Angulo shares the ins and outs of her team, and what she learned about re-defining success when she moved from a corporate culture to a startup team.

Girl Geek Dinners at Unacast

With our continued focus on gender diversity at Unacast we were so happy and proud to be asked by Girl Geek Dinners to host a network dinner for women in, or interested in, technology. Read about the tasks we gave them.

We increased the number of women working at Unacast 241% in just over a year - to a total of 41%

In March of last year we realized that we had a gender issue at Unacast - and since then we have worked really hard at improving. We are proud of our results but must now look at diversity in a broader perspective. Cultural background is the next focus area for us.

Taking Transparency from Product to Professional Interaction

One of the Unacast company values is "Trust Through Transparency" - but how do we bring that value into our daily interactions at work, and why does it matter in business? Senior Director of Marketing Rachel Peterson explains.

My Path to Data Science and Unacast

What does the journey look like from 9-year old tech geek to Senior Director of Data Science at Unacast? Linn Jordet Nygaard shares her story.

How we chooose to offset our CO2 emmisions

As a company situated on both sides of the Atlantic we're bound to travel by plane to keep the team coordinated. But how best to minimize our CO2 footprint? We chose Chooose