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Early Access: Unacast Report Studio

Location data, when properly processed and interpreted, can work for any organization — not just ones with big data teams and deep pockets. That’s why we’re launching the Unacast Report Studio: to deliver custom human mobility insights to companies that need them quickly and affordably.

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Unacast Predicts: The State of Location Analytics in 2020

2019 was a year of growth and evolution for the universe of location analytics, and there is no slow down in sight. As we look forward to 2020, these are the five biggest impacts we predict location analytics will have in 2020.

How Much Does Black Friday Matter?

With Thanksgiving happening late in 2019, consumers have six fewer pre-Christmas shopping days than they did in 2018. Unacast is currently investigating the effects of the shortened season on retail visits. What follows is a preview of some of our early insights, with the full study to be released early 2020.

The WeWork Effect

WeWork is dominating the news with the announcement of its financial troubles and large-scale layoffs. With WeWork’s contraction, what would the effect on the surrounding neighborhoods in New York City be?

Data Predicts Your Trip To Miami

In 2018 Miami International Airport saw over 45 million visitors, and with more international carriers set to have entries into the Miami market in 2019, that number is sure to rise. But with so many visitors flowing in and out of the airport, we began to wonder how those visitors spent their time in Miami and how their presence affected local business. So we decided to take a look at our Real World Graph to see who from the United States travels to Miami and where they eat, sleep, and play. Come take the journey with us!

3 Neighborhoods In Miami

If you’ve ever been to Miami, you know its neighborhoods are incredibly diverse and distinct. On a recent trip to Miami for a conference, we began wondering: how can we compare visits to three of Miami’s neighborhoods to understand the residential, commercial, and tourist complexion of each one. To do this we used our Neighborhood Data Package as part of The Real World Graph, an interconnected system of data sets that describes human mobility in the physical world. This is what we found.

Touchdown in Atlanta: Human Mobility During The Big Game

Every year the Big Game creates a boom of travel to its host city, but how exactly does that boom affect the activity surrounding the stadium? Software Engineers Sruthi Subramanyam and Julie Kirkhus take a look.

Location Data 101: The Basics of Location Data

Location data is all over the news, but what exactly is it, why should we use it and how can it be used responsibly? Nikhil Gupta, Senior Director of Research and Analytics, and Madeline Ngo, Solutions Engineer, are here to answer your questions.

Data Insights: Understanding Traffic, Trade Area and Site Selection

Retailers have multiple tools and datasets at their disposal to learn about their customers. But how much deeper can location data allow them to go? Data Analyst Alec Kamra finds out.

Location Data 101: Get Your Copy of the Location Data Buyer's Guide

From need-to-know terms to how to measure success, get started in the world of location data with our Location Data Buyer's Guide.

Amazon in the Big Apple: What Location Data Can Tell Us

With a mammoth moving in, what will Amazon’s new HQ2 mean for commuters and city dwellers? Location data may have the answers.

Marketers Need to Know the Truth About GPS

GPS can offer a lot of value to marketers - but only if they're willing to look under the hood to understand what it can (and can't) do.

We Go Together Like Makeup and...Coffee?

Why is location data important if advertisters can simply draw logical conclusions? Data Analyst Alec Kamra explains.

Navigating Location Data’s Ethical Minefield

The question of ethics has a place in location data. CEO Thomas Walle discusses how to navigate it.

How You May Be Wasting Your Location Dollars

The location industry typically charges you multiple times for the same exact data, and they know they are wrong most of the time. At Unacast, we only sell you data one time - and we provide attributes about that data point so you can use it in the best way possible for your business. VP of Product, Tom Navin, explains.

What It Means to Think Outside the (Black) Box of Location Data

It’s a paradox: when companies employ outside data to power their products and/or decisions, they're not actually basing those decisions and products on data – but on conclusions on data made by others. Co-founder and COO Kjartan Slette opens up the black box of location data.

Data Sources: What's the Difference and Why Should it Matter?

Location data has already rounded the corner from "nice to have" to "need to have". But not all location data is the same - get to know the differences in data sources.