For Real Estate Developers

million proximity sensors forecasted globally by 2021
of global volume already connected to UNACAST PROX


Real estate developers — whether commercial, residential, retail or all of the above — face a complex challenge in deciding how and where to invest. Our Strategic Human Mobility Insights harness location data, not only to help you get the best return but also to help provide your tenants and visitors with experiences that add value to your property.

How We Solve Them

Do you want to:

  • Measure the efficacy of advertising and communications?
  • Predict how changes will affect the behavior of tenants?
  • Identify opportunities for additional locations?
  • Understand the percentage of the addressable market you are capturing?
  • Determine gaps in the market for tenant types?
  • Optimize your master plan based on foot traffic and other data sets?

Our Strategic Human Mobility Insights allow you to make data-driven decisions to attract and retain tenants, increase revenue and efficiency, and expand and optimize your investment. Learn more about how we can help through our offerings.

Discover What Location Data
Can Do For You

Proximity sensor data is double deterministic

We connect to physical pieces of hardware, like beacons, that are placed in specific and known locations like specific store departments, inside a car or next to a specific product. Simply put, proximity technology is granular and targeted, and works perfectly indoors too

Geo lat/long data is probabilistic

Today's insights and marketing platforms are heavily focused on geo-location data and lat/long, but as this data typically comes from unverified apps and bid requests combined with a geo-location API, the accuracy is difficult to pinpoint, especially indoors