Make the right real estate investments during COVID-19

By understanding which areas are emerging, real estate professionals can be first to market, get lower prices, and maximize the return on investment.

  • Uncover new investment opportunities
  • Understand if demand will outstrip certain services
  • Align your loan activity with growth
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You shouldn't have to base your real estate investment decisions on outdated data and guesswork

Join the millions of people who have used our unique always up-to-date human mobility data to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the US population, cities, and markets.

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We can help you navigate the real estate market during COVID-19

We are all struggling with the uncertainty of how COVID-19 is changing the world around us. We are on a mission to help you understand its impact so that you can make informed decisions in your real estate investments, based on data...

  • Millions of people have leveraged the power of our Social Distancing Scoreboard to understand the impact of covid 19 on how people move and relate to each other.

  • Mobility insights available for the entire US based on roughly 1/3 of the US population.

  • Trusted by the worlds leading consultancies, Gis, universities, researchers, and real estate investors.

Unacast's data and insight is trusted by industry leaders

Our Solution

Unacast Emerging Areas

For a geographic area, our Emerging Areas / Hot Markets dataset examines the inflow and outflow of people and their income and classifies the area’s growth and change in composition.

Migration Patterns

Our Migration Patterns dataset observes the inflow and outflow of given area.

Income of movers based on census demographics

Our income demographics are derived from where we identify people’s origin home locations and the census data tied with that area.

For a given geographic area in a given timeframe, our Emerging Areas dataset 
examines the inflow and outflow of people and their income and classifies the 
area’s growth and change in composition
We identify the features of an emerging area and then rank the areas that are over-indexed for those characteristics
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Social Distancing Scoreboard

A browser-based interactive tool that measures COVID-19- driven changes in human mobility in any US county (updated daily)

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Retail Impact Scoreboard screenshot

Retail Impact Scoreboard

For any given place of interest (such as airports, stadiums, and retail stores), compare traffic patterns to news cycles to determine which fluctuations are the result of COVID-19.

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Migration Patterns & Emerging Areas

Measure changes in the human mobility patterns of larger areas, such as movement within neighborhoods or between states.

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Unacast Covid19 Recovery Tool

Neigborhood Insights

Easily explore and visualize recovery insights for any area of interest, down to the CBG level.

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Custom Data Analysis & Curated Data Sets

Pre-defined correlations and insights for organizations that need fast, user-friendly solutions tailored to their businesses.

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