Arve Egil

Chief Financial Officer

Arve is a seasoned executive, who has held multiple CFO roles throughout his career and also CEO and COO roles. He is a man of many skills in other words. Arve’s background is from telecom and IT, after starting his career as auditor in Arthur Andersen & Co. His two last assignments were in Computas and Shortcut, two Norwegian scale-ups that both have conquered Scandinavia. Most recently he held the position as the CEO at Shortcut, one of the leading app development houses in the Nordics, which he grew from 25 to 85 people through organic growth and M&A. Next step for him will be to go global with us in Unacast. Arve is experienced in the financial spectrum within M&A, fundraising and listing, and while Arve is a metric driven CFO at heart, his recent experience as CEO we see as a great benefit to Unacast as it gives a strong strategic view of all parts of our business. When not working, Arve enjoys testing out great wine and food pairings with companions and to travel off the beaten path together with his family. If he gets some moments alone, you would either find him making sourdough bread or driving their classic car.