2018: Full Speed Ahead

2018: Full Speed Ahead

As we launch into the new year, I'm excited to share these thoughts with all of you.

New Horizons

Across the industry, we’re seeing exciting new applications of data. What was once seen solely as a tool for the adtech ecosystem is now growing quickly across verticals. At Unacast, we’re looking forward to new opportunities in the research and finance industries, and casting our gaze even further ahead to how location and proximity data can revolutionize city planning, healthcare and more.

Accountability is Key

We’re seeing our industry mature, with two main types of companies emerging: those that broker and sell raw data, and those that work on verifying and contextualizing data to create more cohesive stories. As with any fast-growing industry, calls for standardized verification and other regulations across all location and proximity companies are on the rise – and rightly so. Being on the front lines of a space that deals with the actions and locations of our fellow human beings means taking a serious, critical look at every decision we make to ensure the “status quo” we create is a good one. At Unacast, we believe that one of the obvious keys to this is transparency – location and proximity companies need to work together toward a common goal of delivering the transparency customers require in order to be confident in the value of the data we’re providing.

Hand-in-hand with transparency is the need to pay close attention to how we handle user information and privacy. As I mentioned above, we work in a space that deals with data derived from human movement. That means respecting privacy is paramount to everything we do. The industry as a whole has not been without its flubs this year in handling information, but as 2018 approaches it’s important to look at what mistakes have been made, and how we can all learn from them.

2018: Full Speed Ahead

Overall, 2017 brought no shortage of incredible progress, both in the industry and at Unacast. In addition to hosting our first ever ProxSummit in New York City, we watched our team grow to nearly 40 people, and I’m confident 2018 will bring even more exceptional talent through our doors. The team and I can’t wait to introduce you to the new products and capabilities Unacast is planning to roll out this year– we’re just getting started, and we’ll keep you in the loop on all of the latest news and product launches as the year gets underway.

Please know that your continued interest and support means a great deal to all of us.

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