4 Lessons to Master Mobile Engagement

January 17, 2016
Romet Kallas
Account Executive

How do you succeed with mobile engagement? This question is at the very top of every global marketer’s action list. The answer is simple, really: Know your audience and offer them something unique, while respecting their privacy. Unfortunately, that is often easier said than done, as a lot of the times the engagement turns out to be either intrusive, generic or non-relevant. Or all of the above.

So, how to master mobile engagement? Here are four examples.

1. Don't intrude on your customers

Zoom Torino is a zoo and an amusement park in Italy, with 160 000 square meters. The park was looking into how could they further improve the customer experience without being intrusive.They turned to beacons and in co-operation with LabWerk proximity platform and Kontakt.io BLE beacons, they developed an interactive tour feature into their mobile app. This involved beacon triggered educational content, coupons, quizzes and an option to browse and navigate between the park's attractions. It was important not to annoy or distract the visitors, beacon triggered content only displayed in leisure zones and not while standing in front of animals or exhibitions.

This non-intrusive approach resulted to a 60% of the visitors actively using the app for more than 25 minutes. And an average user interacts with 25 pieces of beacon-triggered content.

Read more about the use case here

2. Get creative and educate

HerningCentret, a shopping mall in Denmark, wanted to offer their visitors something unique, which would attract more visitors into the venue. With the launch of the shopping malls app, they turned to Emplate's iBeacon platform. The agenda was to engage their customers through the app and instead of taking the usual push notifications approach, the company got creative. Specifically, they created "Visual iBeacon zones", where the floor was marked with yellow circles and banners on top. This eliminated the educational challenge, where the customers might have Bluetooth off or are not aware of the iBeacon existence. To make sure that the campaign would respect the privacy of the app users, they put customers in charge of the beacon interaction. Meaning the customer would choose, when they would like to receive promotional content.

As a result, 48% of the app users engaged with the coupons which led to a 28% conversion rate.

Read more about the use case here

3. Know your audience

WiL (Where Its Live) is a sports and entertainment app, which provides users with information, including what bars and venues are showing live sporting events, showing special offers and so forth. The company wanted to engage users based on their location, to promote real-time promotions and events. After all, they knew their audience and what they were after; It was only a matter of getting the message out. They partnered up with Heineken and turned to Xtremepush to run a location-specific promotion. Xtremepush's proximity platform enabled to leverage Geo-fencing and send out push notifications through the WiL app when the user was in proximity of a particular venue. In addition, iBeacons were used to send further information to the app users when they entered or were present in a selected venue.

The results were impressive, as the app usage experienced a 205% increase and the conversion rate for promotions was as high as 82%.

Read more about the use case here

4. Don't hang up on your customers

Proximity marketing is an opportunity to start a personalized conversation between your brand and a customer. After a customer has shown interest by interacting with the content of your proximity marketing campaign, it clearly shows that they are interested in your brand or product. So should your conversation with that customer end, when they leave your venue? Absolutely not, and that is where we at Unacast can help. Unacast connects location interactions with digital domains, so that the customer communication can flow seamlessly between the two.

Feel free to contact us at partnerships@unacast.com, to learn more how to leverage proximity technologies to not only increase the customer experience but also bring them back to your venue.