An Intern's Life at Unacast

August 14, 2016
Aleix Rodriguez
Project manager

If you are looking for a predictable job with regular 9-5 office hours, then you should definitely not work at Unacast. The life as an intern at the Unacastle – where the Unacast Knights fight to take over the world – is intense, rewarding and full of fun.

Step one: shoes off

You must feel at home while you are at your workplace and the one thing Unacast makes sure is that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed at the office. The informality of the company turns employees into friends and erases any kind of hierarchy. I have been working face to face with the CEO and COO of the company practically every day and the discussion about what kind of music should the speaker display while working was part of the daily job life.

Step two: personal theme song

Important: You must choose your personal theme song that will welcome you every morning as soon as your smartphone interacts with a beacon placed at the Unacastle.

Proximity in your coffee cup. At Unacast you’ll always see smiles, hear jokes and feel like one more of the team from day one. However, results are expected and you must be stellar and deliver them.

Step three: take responsibility

As an intern at Unacast, you are the one who decides if you want to go the extra mile. Micromanagement and babysitting will never happen, so be prepared to take responsibility and accept challenges. I believe that there is no better feeling than being empowered and getting freedom of choice on how to reach your goals. Unacast stimulates your creativity, makes you become critical and everything is subject to change. What is more, you will always be encouraged to come up with new ideas and even define your own tasks for your role. It doesn’t sound bad at all, right?

Step four: have fun

But wait. Not everything is about working at Unacast. A social event will take place every month in order to get the chance to have fun with your teammates. From rock-climbing and kubb – an addictive Norwegian outdoors game – to dinners in each other’s homes. Also, there are plenty of Game of Thrones addicts in the office that will try to trap you to watch the next episode while enjoying an after work beer.

If you are hungry, smart, honest, curious and a true teammate there is no better place to skyrocket your career than Unacast. I can only recommend being an intern at the Unacastle and as soon as you put your signature in the contract you will know what I am talking about. You better get ready!

Up for the challenge?