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Asset Tracking: Beyond Retail - The Q2 2017 Prox.Report

Rapid development of proximity and location technologies is pushing the boundaries. Beacons, RFID, Wi-Fi, and other Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) have emerged as a game changer in industries where precise indoor location tracking is paramount. In the Q2 2017 Prox.Report we look at how proximity and location technologies are used for Asset Tracking.

Maria Kukhtina

Proximity.Directory Product Manager




Maria Kukhtina
Proximity.Directory Product Manager
Aug 11, 2017

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In the Q2 2017 Prox.Report we’ve decided to look beyond retail marketing, as more than 400 Proximity Solution Providers registered in the Directory constantly expand the scale and complexity of their business. In this report, we explain how the ability to accurately track location of assets and persons finds application in healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, mining, and other industries - even in marijuana growing.

Download The Q2 2017 Prox.Report

The amount of time spent on looking for a certain item is tremendous, which results in losses for organizations. In hospitals, portable equipment such as IV pumps, wheelchairs, x-rays are constantly moved and are hard to find. A study shows that nurses spend about 13% of their time looking for necessary items. As this time is taken from nurses’ direct responsibilities, it means that hospitals could hire 13% less staff or, more importantly, nurses could spend more time with patients. Similar situations occur in logistics and manufacturing.

Asset tracking solutions can save companies millions of dollars and improve customer satisfaction as a result of:

  • Reduced capital spending resulting from improved asset utilization
  • Increased staff efficiency from simplifying inventory search and management process
  • Enhanced decision making process due to unpreceded transparency in operations and ability to diagnose bottlenecks

In the report, we present results from more than 10 real-life cases that demonstrate how various industries are impacted by location technologies.

Download The Q2 2017 Prox.Report

Proximity Solution Provider index

We calculate PSP index for two separate categories: hardware providers and platform providers. The PSPi is based on the information provided in the company profiles on Proximity.Directory and is not a scoring of the company's’ success.

Top 3 Hardware

1. (Poland)

2. Estimote (UK)

3. Cisco Meraki (US)

The leader of the PSPi hardware ranking believes that beacons will power innovative and lucrative tracking solutions.

“We know manufacturers and logistics operators are benefiting from proximity data, and we will see exponential growth in healthcare solutions in the coming quarters. We expect our Bluetooth tags to support doctors and administrators on a daily basis, providing greater efficiency, higher security, better compliance, and all-around more modern experience,” says Szymon Niemczura, CEO and Co-Founder of

Top 5 Platforms

1. Swirl (US)

2. Tamoco (UK)

3. Beaconinside (Germany)

4. Spark Compass (US)

5. Proxama (UK)

“Some of the most successful proximity marketing use cases to date have been FMCG marketing,” says Tamoco’s CCO Daniel Angel. He adds, however, that “as the market starts to mature new customers including transport and finance industries looking for high volumes of accurate, real time location data are likely to be significant growth contributors in the years ahead.”

Download The Q2 2017 Prox.Report

Highlights of the report:

  • $9.1 Trillion worth global logistics industry will save billions by gaining transparency and visibility: beacons can monitor temperature, humidity, weight, interactions, and other required features of the tagged items and automatically report results to all involved players of the supply chain.
  • An average hospital can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with an immediate ROI of 275% by implementing an asset tracking solution.
  • Marijuana growing industry reports 42% savings in labor costs. BLE beacons RTLS allows to track product in real time from growers to dispensary.  
  • BLE RTLS employee tracking systems have been officially approved by the government in several countries as systems that help locate victims and increase chances for saving lives in case of accidents.
  • 408 Proximity Solution Providers represent 55 different countries.
  • As of Q2 2017 15,176,500 sensors are registered on the Proximity.Directory
  • Compared to the same period last year (Q2 2016), the number of Wi-Fi sensors deployed has increased more than 25x and the number of beacons 1.7x.