Beacons for Good

September 30, 2015

ROI and profit are the key performance indicators when evaluating marketing campaigns. From the use cases of Proxbook’s members, we have been able to show the added value, when proximity is integrated into traditional campaigns. But we shouldn’t forget, that commercial cases are only a small portion of the use cases where proximity can be leveraged. has recently decided to show us the bigger picture. Those who aren’t familiar with the history of, the company was founded in 2013 and originally launched with a noble incentive to help the visually impaired. Namely by helping them navigate with the use of beacons. Today the company is growing fast and is one of the largest beacon providers in the world. is also known for it’s involvement in nonprofit organizations and projects. One of which is Wayfindr, the first open standard for audio-based navigation. Wayfindr is built on a foundation of rigorous user research, to create a consistent, seamless and reliable experiences across locations, services and platforms. Another known project is BlindSquare, which benefits persons who are blind or partially sighted. BlindSquare connects people with information about locations. There are 285 million vision impaired people worldwide, and Wayfindr and Blindsquare have taken a mission to give each and one of those person’s something every individual is entitled to - independance. With the help of’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, there is a hope for a world where vision impaired people are no longer held back by their loss of sight.

There is more to beacons than profit

Beacons have proved to be a revolutionizing technology when it comes to improving ROI or customer engagement. But the initiative of Wayfindr and Blindsquare, has shown us  an entirely new perspective. If beacons are able to help the 285 million vision impaired people, are there also other use cases where proximity technology can make the world a better place? Umesh Pandya, the CEO of Wayfindr says yes. “There are several great examples of how beacons can be used to make a real change in our world. Recently, I heard about an IBM app -- which works with Apple’s iBeacon technology -- that identifies hospital rooms and displays patient data based on proximity. In the Netherlands, the iBeacon app Elevate motivates people to take the stairs. Some teachers use beacons to get children to move from their desks and explore the world around them. The bottom line is that beacons can be used to change people’s behavior patterns and create new and better ones.”

Launch of “Beacons for Good” has decided to explore what more is there to beacons. Therefore we are glad to introduce the launch of “Beacons for Good”. In partnership with BlindSquare and Wayfindr, has launched a charitable project that helps developers and nonprofit organizations realize their creative applications for adaptive technology, using beacons for people in need all around the world. “The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary new way for computers to interact with the world around us, and we don’t want those who are in need to get left behind,” said Trevor Longino, head of Marketing & PR at Each quarter, will donate up to 100 beacons to international charities as voted upon by the Internet and evaluated by Beacons For Good’s judging panel. In order to support and develop uses for proximity and beacons which merge innovation with independence to transform lives.

Beacons for good - how does it work?

Beacons For Good is a partnership program committed to providing solutions using IoT technology for people in need. If you have a vision for how beacons can make the world a better place go visit to submit your idea. Sep 29 - Nov 27 is the deadline for submitting applications. Then the public will have a week to vote from Dec 1 - Dec 8. After the voting period is over, a group of judges, which is formed by Wayfindr, BlindSquare and, will pick two finalists. The judging session will take place Dec 9 - Dec 11, where the finalists will get a chance to speak on behalf of their projects.

During to the Beacons For Good concept, companies are also encouraged to implement beacons into their marketing strategy and share the beacon infrastructure with charity. is a noble initative and a reminder that the Internet of Things is not only about bigger profits. As Szymon Niemczura CEO of, said to Unacast:

We see it everyday how huge potential beacons have for businesses of every kind. But from the very beginning we knew that this technology can also serve a good cause and we have been trying to find a way to engage more people who share that vision. We are really proud that today we can invite community at large to join Beacons for Good. Our program is making it really easy for developers and nonprofits to help people in need and solve real-world problems with beacons. It’s pretty exciting to wait and see what kind of projects will come out of it.

Do some good. Now

Wayfindr and Blindsquare have already shown the humane side what sensors are capable of. is now giving you a chance to do the same, and all of us at Unacast are huge supporters. Get in touch at and do some good.