Connecting the Physical World to the Advertising Industry - PROX Partners Pt. 2

April 28, 2016
Aleix Rodriguez
Project manager

Celebrating the reach of 50 partners, we are glad to continue giving you an overview of all the players in the PROX network. This is the second part of a blog post series where you will get to know all the partners one by one and have the chance to discover their unique products and solutions.

Ebizu (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Being the flagship proximity company in South-East Asia, Ebizu is a retail and advertising solutions firm focused on helping brands and merchants reach and engage their next customer. They are building an ecosystem of merchants that want a presence on mobile, offer great value for loyalty and give excellent ways to their customers to engage, interact and buy.

Ebizu provides its clients both with software and hardware solutions. The all-in-one Biz Cloud tool offers numerous modules such as POS, loyalty, CRM and campaign management design to suit and simplify any business operations. Ebizu Beacon Ad Network is South-East Asia’s largest beacon network aiming to reach over 200M shoppers. It gives offline brands and retailers online capabilities that are easy to use, affordable and efficient. Integrated Point-of-Sale solutions and its hardware allow businesses to add value beyond the transaction.

Dozens of regional businesses trust Ebizu’s solutions to engage with their customers. This includes retailers like MPH Bookstores, Harvey Norman, espressolab and Sothys Paris, shopping malls such as BSC, MAG, NU Sentral, Kota Kasablanka and IOI City, as well as several restaurants and SMEs.

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Emplate (Aarhus, Denmark)

The Danes have created a user-friendly platform that makes it possible for everyone to use beacon technology as pleased. The platform is developed with a focus on functionality, so whatever are the needs and IT skills, Emplate has a solution for all its clients.

Emplate’s system different features allow organizations to use it in many ways. It enables the communication with customers via text messages, videos and pictures. Moreover, the platform is highly customizable in visual and language terms. Analytical and target features through push messaging help to build sufficient proximity marketing campaigns.

Several companies in Denmark made use of Emplate’s proximity solutions. The herningCentret shopping mall sent information about shopping offers, loyalty programs and exhibitions in the center through its beacon-enabled app. A Seat-Mazda automotive center served visitors with information regarding financing options and unique acquisition opportunities about outdoor placed cars. Another use case involving the Aarhus Snow Park displayed guidance and advice on the selection of equipment to visitors’ smartphones. Emplate has also helped the Heart and Ringkøbing-Skjern museums to enrich their visitor's experience, as well as providing relevant content to those who interacted with beacons at Aarhus University and Aquatarium Learning Center.

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Estimote (New York, NY, US)

Estimote Beacons are one of the most known hardware solutions in the market. Estimote creates real-world contextually rich experiences for mobile apps by sticking tiny beacons in any location or to any object.

Estimote Beacons and Stickers are small wireless sensors that broadcast radio signals which smartphones can receive and interpret, unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness. While the Beacons have a bigger battery and are designed for venues like retail stores, museums or airports, the Stickers can turn things into ‘nearables’ - smart objects detectable by mobile devices. A waterproofed soft silicone cover makes the resistance to outdoor conditions. They support both Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone protocols. Furthermore, Estimote SDK enables apps to understand their nearby locations and objects by recognizing the data and connect the real world to smartphones. Indoor location is one of the most powerful features.

Estimote has been involved in a vast amount of use cases with actual results including big names such as FC Barcelona, Target, IHG, The James Hotels, the Brooklyn Museum and BMW among many others. In New York, over 60 retailers participated in a proximity campaign where Estimote beacons contributed to the sending of relevant content from people’s favorite brands when walking by the physical stores. The result: 52% of targeted passersby entered the store. Also, GuestDriven deployed Estimote beacons at The James Hotels in order to welcome the guests and offer them in-room food options, coupons, spa and massage offers and room upgrade opportunities. The guest engagement rate increased to 59%. Apart from those, a significant number of proximity solution providers uses Estimote’s hardware in order to carry out beacon roll-outs for their clients’ mobile apps.

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Favendo (Bamberg, Germany)

The Germans want to refine the way people shop. By winning new customers, enhancing customer loyalty, optimizing internal processes and increasing the revenue, Favendo helps its clients reach their goals.

Favendo gives the opportunity to offer customers many advanced features for a unique shopping experience. Its platform enables indoor navigation features both in 2D and 3D augmented reality view by merging the navigation feature with the live image rendered by the smartphone’s camera, creating a futuristic shopping experience. Favendo allows customers to have loyalty cards integrated into their mobile devices and links the app and in-house inventory systems to search from available items from home regarding e-commerce. Targeting individuals to send tailor-made offers and locating friends and sales personnel are some of the other opportunities provided by Favendo.

The company has been part of several use cases in international locations including the huge shopping malls of Les Terrasses du Port in Marseille and Italie Deux in Paris, as well as in the St. Pancras Station in London. However, Favendo’s most impressive proximity technology deployment is the nationwide beacon infrastructure in Germany by partnering with the multi-channel media company Ströer. 20,000 advertising billboards are currently equipped with beacons across the country and the number will grow to 50,000 by the end of the year.

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fluxLoop (Oslo, Norway)

The biggest Norwegian proximity solution provider is forever changing the way retailers can communicate with their customers in-store, by fusing beacons with powerful tech and innovative user experiences. fluxLoop wants to make proximity comfortable.

fluxLoop’s platform is comprised of the product called Pinch. It offers the opportunity to communicate with customers at specific locations via their mobile phones or via digital platforms with screens at public places. The PinchSDK collects the data of the interactions between a mobile app and the beacons that build the PinchInfrastructure allowing fluxLoop clients to have a better understanding of customer behavior in order to communicate with them. Also, PinchMarketing is the component that makes possible the customization of marketing messages in OOH advertising screens when clients with their smartphones are close.

Major players in the Norwegian market have chosen fluxLoop to run their proximity marketing campaigns. Starbucks, Netcom, Telenor, KPMG and Kongsberg are among them. By partnering with the cinema chain Capa, fluxLoop took part of a Unacast retargeting campaign that allowed Coca-Cola to offer a free bottle to cinemagoers through a publisher app the next time they went back to the movies. Together with fluxLoop, Clear Channel rolled out beacons on their advertising screens in large shopping malls in Oslo and the Kristiansand Zoo enhanced the visitors learning experience through their smartphones.

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Footmarks (Bellevue, WA, US)

Smart, simple and secure. Footmarks digital intelligence for physical spaces provides context awareness you can trust. Footmarks SmartConnect Solutions allow to discover new customer insights, define and deploy personalized experience at scale and manage the beacon network across any physical space.

Footmarks beacons include industry leading security, privacy technology and a customization set to fit each client’s needs. Connected to its software solution, Footmarks SmartConnect, the beacon platform is an end-to-end proximity solution that allows venues, workplaces, retailers and advertisers to add real-time mobile targeting and value creation to existing mobile apps by using beacon technology. Moreover, the partner enablement program is designed to drive sales and capabilities success of any client through proximity technology.

Redbull, Nestlé, MasterCard, Avanade, Yinzcam and Mindshare are some of the clients that have made use of Footmarks solutions. The company also deployed beacons at the CenturyLink Field, the home stadium of the NFL Seattle Seahawks, to improve the fan experience at the game through their smartphones. In the Chicago Auto Show, Footmarks beacon technology created engagement zones where messages sent to visitors’ mobile devices gave the chance to earn prizes, rewards or even a car.

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FreshBeacons (New York, NY, US)

Located in Manhattan, FreshBeacons offer different types of hardware to ensure that the message reaches the customer. They actually offer the chance to hang out with ‘Beacon Babe’, who is the expert in beacon technology and its potential in various industries.

Setting up FreshBeacons is as simple as 1-2-3. Through the integration of the necessary software, the beacons will speak to the mobile app, without disrupting the consumer's digital experience. The delivery of highly relevant content based on the needs and wants of the customer through their location and real-time interaction will result in maximum ROI. Then after downloading the client's’ app, customers can receive hyper-local notifications via proximity devices.

FreshBeacons offer hardware that can be easily hidden as well as more robust hardware that can be placed anywhere due to its weatherproof system. The beacons can be placed in strategic locations while consuming a minimal amount of battery life. The FreshManager platform enables to monitor the beacon fleet and allows targeting via GPS.

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GEOconnect (Stockholm, Sweden)

Turn-key beacon solutions from Sweden. GEOconnect provides easy to use beacon solutions that do not require coding or IT expertise, proven technology and a transparent cost structure. Altogether while having fun. They offer project management, training and implementation of beacon deployments with no additional consulting costs. GEOconnect works with several global partners in order to provide the best solution to its clients and allows to measure the results of the beacon roll out from its dashboard.

GEOconnect created a connection between a robust beacon system from ShopJoy and EFI DirectSmile, a world-class cross-channel marketing system, in order to add context to location. The result is that beacon messages and offers are now personalized and integrated into a data-driven cross-media campaign. Furthermore, GEOconnect partnered with Labwerk in order to provide mAPP, a widely used beacon-enabled museum app that adds real value to expositions.

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Gimbal (San Diego, CA, US)

Involved in a lot of proximity marketing use cases, Gimbal beacons are one of the most widely deployed. By giving digital insights in physical locations, Gimbal provides the missing link in your omnichannel strategy. Venues, brands and retailers, agencies and advertisers, solution providers, out-of-home networks and financial services can now easily deliver proximity-based communication in profound new ways.

After years of research and development, the sixth-generation Gimbal beacons are a benchmark for the industry in quality and performance, with solutions for various spaces and purposes. Using a unique combination of geofencing, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and analytics, Gimbal’s end-to-end platform gives its clients a powerful and efficient way to engage with mobile app users. Delivering personalized the mobile content based on a user’s context can drive engagement, boost loyalty and increase sales. Moreover, the Gimbal Marketplace creates an exchange that connects brands, advertisers, mobile apps and beacon-enabled spaces to facilitate contextually relevant proximity-based engagements. It maximizes ROI in campaigns and monetizes locations and mobile apps audience.

Gimbal has proved a profound expertise in the industry by being involved in dozens of prestigious proximity campaigns and beacon deployments with positive results. The Premier League stadium of Manchester City, the Sun Life Stadium of the NFL Miami Dolphins, the NBA venues of Phoenix Suns, Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as the Staples Center, MetLife Stadium and the Madison Square Garden are some of the successful projects. The Cavaliers app allowed fans to receive personalized messages and enjoy an interactive experience at The Q. At the US Open, Gimbal proximity technology enabled a 32% click rate of the Buy Now button for highly-targeted last-minute ticket offers. Events such as Cannes Lion, Tribeca Film Festival and SXSW have also trusted in Gimbal. The London City Airport and the MoMA museum are other impressive examples. By partnering with ShopAdvisor and Elle Magazine, Gimbal enabled customers to receive exclusive content and offers from their favorite brands.

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inBeacon (Utrecht, Netherlands)

The Dutch proximity firm is the offline touchpoint management platform for beacons. inBeacon’s digital intelligence aims to drive relevant foot traffic by closing the loop between online and offline, hyper-targeting customers based on physical behavior and implementing context-sensitive business rules to be relevant at all time.

inBeacon’s platform offers an extensive set of sophisticated options to create contextually aware campaigns using beacon technology. It adds a new dimension of relevant functions to any new or existing mobile app allowing proximity marketing, remarketing, retargeting and even clienteling and dynamic signage. Using user-friendly visual interfaces anyone can create sophisticated campaigns without having to learn a line of code. It also allows organizations manage their own beacon networks or work with external public and private beacon networks, create and manage engaging beacon campaigns and gather actionable analytics to leverage proximity insight and create meaningful interactions with app users and their environment.

The firm has called for attention outside the Netherlands thanks to powering the largest OOH beacon and advertising network in the country. By partnering with Exterion Media and TMG, InBeacon deployed beacons in outdoor objects in order to retarget passersby through the De Telegraaf publisher app. Furthermore, the largest nautical event in the world, SAIL Amsterdam, contributed to the installation of long-range beacons on ships so that the audience received proximity messages at the right time. Among InBeacon clients are firms like Coca-Cola, ABN-AMRO, Danone, Staatsloterij and Flora Holland.

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