Connecting the Physical World to the Advertising Industry – PROX Partners Pt. 3

June 2, 2016
Aleix Rodriguez
Project manager

The PROX Network has grown to 55 partners as of today, increasing the amount of exciting PSPs that you must get to know. Each of our partners offers a unique solution, making differentiation strategies essential to attract top customers. This is the third part of a blog post series where you will get to know all the partners one by one and have the chance to discover their unique products and solutions.

beaconsmind (Zurich, Switzerland)

The first Swiss PSP of PROX helps companies digitalize their business models. Combining iBeacon and beaconsmind technology they drive sales and customer loyalty in clients’ retail stores. beaconsmind main differentiator is being an iBeacon Full-Service Provider, including beaconsmind Suite platform, consulting, app development and online marketing services.

beaconsmind Suite allows to have a clear view of all relevant data and can be utilized on-demand along with the Suite’s marketing features – to ensure that digitalization becomes successful. The analytics features of the beaconsmind Suite make it possible for the first time to view data from offline and online sources in real-time. It includes centralized data tracking, POS purchase behavior, real-time customer analysis and in-demand reporting. To achieve the monetization of the data, beaconsmind Suite Creates campaigns and push notifications based on your clients’ customers and shopping behavior. Offers, invitations, price-offs, vouchers and other promotions which lead to customer loyalty and sales can be easily created and sent out efficiently.

Beaconsmind clients come from different verticals such as retail, restaurants, universities, healthcare and media. However, the most impressive names are among brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Hackett London, Pandora, Guess and Marc O’Polo.

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iProximity (Melbourne, Australia)

The Australians aim to have everything connected. iProximity mesh IoT sensors and devices with any physical space, creating real-time actionable insights and outcomes, driving cost savings and performance outcomes with cross-industry solutions across many industry verticals.

iProximity’s complete solutions with hardware, software, supplies and services make IoT deployments more manageable by identifying, capturing and analysing the critical information needed to run businesses more efficiently and effectively. The solutions are flexible, scalable and affordable. The iPX platform manages all types of sensors and devices from Beacons to RFID and much more. iProximity has industry wide solutions for smart cities, health, retail, places, tourism and agriculture. This enables them to provide a varied offering of services through their platforms such as proximity marketing, ad retargeting, mobile coupons, real-time location services, facility management services, asset tracking and vehicle fleet management. Moreover, its Screen Smarts allow personalizing the content of digital signage by detecting who is within proximity.

The PSP has partnered with several firms in order to offer proximity-based experiences to their customer. Thanks to iProximity, Fujitsu was able to control their digital signage solution through smartphones. The app HelloLocal also benefited from iProximity beacons to deliver offers, coupons and information to shopping mall visitors, as well as organizing a treasure hunt with great engagement results.

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KNOQ (Como, Italy)

With an international presence in more than 20 countries, KNOQ opens the door to a new era of content delivery by discovering the digital dimension where there are no boundaries between online and offline.

The KNOQ Cloud Platform and the KNOQ App are the flagship projects. This means that KNOQ provides solutions both for business and users. Companies can drive customer engagement with the KNOQ Cloud Platform real-time context-specific communications. As KNOQ sends push notifications to all smartphones in real-time locations, it is possible to target messaging and interact with customers with hot offers, advisories or coupons. On the other hand, users of KNOQ App can stay tuned to the latest and greatest developments in the digital dimension and receive exclusive offers, event advisories, reminders and many other services. With KNOQ, smartphones discover the most exciting goings-on in real-time location.

The company has been part of dozens of use cases in international locations and has deployed beacons in more than 1,500 venues worldwide. Among KNOQ’s clients are Volkswagen, Nissan, Levi’s, Radisson Blu, Ambassador and Dockers, which proves the expertise of the Italian proximity firm within the industry.

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Lightcurb (Sneek, Netherlands)

Providers of hardware and software, Lightcurb’s online manager is a personal online dashboard that allows managing the content of beacon deployments on a very simple manner, creating messages and selecting the desired settings.

Lightcurb’s open beacon platform is an easy to use software and app to make location-based services possible. It gives clients real-time communication with their audience using the free Lightcurb beacon app or the code library for usage in your own app. A Lightcurb user receives a notification or live stream of data on his or her mobile device when in range of the deployed beacons. After accepting the notification, Lightcurb gives the user direct access to content of the client’s choice. Lightcurb SDK allows to include beacon technology to existing apps, while Lightcurb beacons are very capable and affordable solution. As Dutch people say: “Having the right tools is half the job.”

The company has enhanced user's experience and customer engagement in the use cases where it has been involved in the Netherlands. At the TEDxGroningen event, Lightcurb enabled the organizers to point out which speakers the audience liked the most by sending notifications asking how the attendees liked the inspirational talk they’ve seen. 70% of visitors downloaded the app and 50% answered the rating message. The care dealer Autoland van den Brug engaged with customers by sending welcome messages to their smartphones and displaying relevant information depending on their interests and purchase history. Lightcurb also enhanced the Sneekweek 2015 festival by interacting with more than 200,000 people with relevant information on location

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Liki Solutions (Espoo, Finland)

From Finland, Liki Solutions is building meaningful context. Unique shopping experiences are created by delivering at the right place at the right time. Liki provides proximity solutions to retailers, theme parks and fairs and exhibitions.

With Liki CMS, it is possible to manage digital customer experiences in a new way. Liki CMS ensures that customer is reached by up to date information and offers according to the client’s plans through a customized mobile application. Liki CMS also enables to analyze where and how mobile content is performing at its best. Mobile payments another of the features that expand mobile app possibilities with Liki Solutions.

The most famous use case where Liki has been involved is at the Rovio store in Keilaranta, where the Angry Birds merchandising can be acquired. When a customer picks up a certain plush toy, a video about the character in question is launched on a screen and the color of the in store spotlights changes to fit the color scheme. Liki also contributed to implementing the biggest outdoor beacon deployment in Finland by enriching the visitor experience at Moominworld theme park. At the Matka Nordic Travel Fair, Liki enabled over 10,000 app engagement through notifications and alerts, which resulted in a 60% conversion rate. Also, Terveystalo Oma, the largest healthcare service company in Finland used proximity solutions from Liki to enhance the relationship with their patients.

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MiNODES (Berlin, Germany)

MiNODES enables its clients to optimize store traffic, marketing campaign performance and bottom-line business success by bringing transparency to your shop floor. The Berlin-based proximity company delivers answers tailored to the client’s business needs by integrating a comprehensive set of technologies and tools, including state-of-the-art Wifi and Beacon technology.

MiNODES offer different solutions within its platform. MiNODES Answers is a retail analytics tool that enables store management based on customers behavior insights, measuring KPIs, optimize staffing to align it with customer traffic and validate shop floor performance against benchmarks. MiNODES Targetad is an omnichannel retargeting tool, which allows to manage and implement offline-to-online retargeting campaigns. Moreover, with MiNODES Interactions, a beacon campaign tool, clients can implement measurable mobile marketing campaigns to influence purchasing decisions directly and grow a loyal customer base through innovative and personalized shopping experiences.

The involvement in use cases with firms such as Hyundai, XXXLutz, Katjes, Hilti and Ecco show the potential of MiNODES proximity solutions. The firm partnered with one of Europe's largest luxurious shopping mall chains and achieved impressive consumer engagement results. A 12% increase in traffic to higher floors followed a 25% dwell time increase on promoted floors, an average revenue growth of 10% during the campaign period and a 6% increase in returning visitors due to retargeting.

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MobStac (New York, NY,  US)

Based in Manhattan, Mobstac provides digital engagement for the physical world. The firm has the tools for any business to engage customers offline using mobile. MobStac’s solutions include proximity marketing for small or big box retailers, in-store analytics about who the customers are and how they engage with the client’s physical experience and indoor wayfinding.

MobStac offers two products to help its clients achieve these goals, depending on their preferred approach. Beaconstac is an end-to-end solution for businesses to engage customers in a personalized way using beacon technology. Through its combination of hardware and software, Beaconstac is the quickest and easiest way for businesses to bring location intelligence to their mobile apps and unlock the power of indoor location and proximity. On the Wi-Fi spectrum, WiFire is a consumer mobile app that enables users to discover and connect to free WiFi hotspots at airports, restaurants, retail shops and more. WiFire also allows businesses to run mobile marketing campaigns and track offline analytics using WiFi.

More than 500 customers across 40 countries trusted MobStac to implement their proximity marketing campaigns. Unilever, Amazon, Saatchi & Saatchi, Tata, Bosch, Capgemini and Harley-Davidson are some of the big names that are part of MobStac’s client portfolio.

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Mowingo (Los Altos, CA, US)

Mowingo provides a mobile customer engagement platform to drive in-store sales on all mobile channels. By empowering local managers to connect with customers wherever they are, businesses are able to improve their bottom line. Mowingo is filled with proven mobile technology experts that empower local engagement.

There are countless avenues to engage with customers, and at Mowingo all channels are considered, including push notifications, SMS, email marketing, and QR codes. Whatever the customer loves to use to communicate with you, they’ll help you establish a relationship with them on it. Mowingo’s robust platform has it all to help its clients to leverage the company’s strengths to engage with their customers. The solutions for brands include immediate beacon deployments with Mowingo’s ready-to-go app backed with its platform, specially tailored apps also backed with the platform, or SDK integrations with existing mobile apps.

Mowingo has launched proximity campaigns for firms within retail, restaurants, services, agencies and franchised organizations. However, the most successful use case involved McDonald’s when trying to engage San Francisco Bay Area customers over its mobile app and successfully bring them in-store to boost sales. The beacon deployment resulted in a 17% increase in order amounts, 5-8x increase in mobile coupon redemption and 250% higher engagement rate.

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Nexen NV (Gent, Belgium)

Wearenexen offers proximity and location-based marketing solutions in order to respond to a growing consumer appetite for real-time personalized content on mobile services. The Belgians believe that mobile media at the point of purchase is powerful and customer DNA is interesting. They will definitely invite you for a coffee together if you are in for beacons.

By combining the very best technology, their owned media throughout Belgium and a handful of digital creativity, Wearenexen serves its clients with location-based data that enrich and profile even more the DNA of their customers. Beacon deployments enrich the ideal context for delivering the right message that can help acquire customers and increase loyalty, whether it is a product sample, digital coupons or rewards. At Wearenexen, the element of surprise is essential.

Reputed brands have partnered with Wearenexen in order to boost their customer engagement through beacon deployments. Among the company’s clients are Samsung, Thomas Cook, Novartis, Hellobank, Nationale Loterij, Maasmechelen Village outlet shopping mall and the History Museum of Brugge. Moreover, a collaboration with JCDecaux enabled the activation of more than 300 street furniture for mobile media purposes in Belgium and Luxembourg.

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Nimble Devices (Espoo, Finland)

Nimble Devices focus mainly on indoor positioning and navigation technology for mobile applications. They have decades of experience in product development, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies. They were developing Bluetooth 4.0 products long before the beacon revolution.

Nimble Devices is the company behind Steerpath™, the easy to integrate positioning and navigation SDK. Steerpath allows customers to add value to their applications through the use of guidance, search and contextually relevant information. By leveraging beacon technology, accurate indoor positioning and navigation can be brought to any environment. Steerpath is a cross device platform, meaning that it works with Android and iOs. The excellent thing about Steerpath is that you don’t need to spend time on taking measurements (fingerprinting) for the SDK to work. All the features also work offline and on top of navigation there is a chance to mix geofences and use existing beacon networks

Nimble Devices SDK is used by Shoppertrak and many venues that organize events. “Nimble Devices’ positioning product is one of the easiest to integrate while also being one of the most accurate on the market.” Scott Roberts, Director at ShopperTrak

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