Connecting the Physical World to the Advertising Industry – PROX Partners Pt. 4

June 15, 2016
Aleix Rodriguez
Project manager

The PROX Network is formed by plenty of exciting PSPs that you must get to know. Each of our partners offers a unique solution, making differentiation strategies essential to attract top customers. This is the fourth part of a blog post series where you will get to know all the partners one by one and have the chance to discover their unique products and solutions.

Oyalo (Los Angeles, CA, US)

The California-based firm provides real-time analytics for the real world. Oyalo utilizes smart connected sensors and Wi-Fi analytics combined with RFID to deliver business intelligence to the physical world.

Data scientists at Oyalo has designed a sophisticated data analytics algorithm to collect, combine and analyze the retail user behavior. The proximity marketing firm wants to transform the world around us with their platform, which can change the way business is done. Oyalo provides you with everything you need to deliver highly targeted, proximity-based content through your mobile app. It includes a campaign center, real world analytics, beacon manager and behavior analytics. Moreover, Oyalo provides beacons for a real world mapping for your business. They are easy to install, with a small lightweight design and cost effective.

Oyalo’s platform provides a unique understanding of the physical world and insightful digital data associated with mobile devices. It allows to collect, visualize, analyze the data in order to  enhance the shopping experience and increase revenue.

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Pebblebee (Bellevue, WA, US)

Pebblebee is a multifaceted hardware and software solution provider and manufacturer. Their main differentiator is that they are not just a tracker manufacturer, they design hardware and software, provide much needed and useful solutions with the use of wireless and sensor technology whatever the needs may be.

The firm engineers solutions that help you keep track of your valuables, adding peace of mind, so you don't have to worry about losing track of your things. Pebblebee saves you time with their patented tracking and finding solutions. The Pebblebee product line caters to both consumers and businesses alike. They provide B2B asset and inventory tracking and beacon marketing, as well as B2C sensor tracking and safety applications.

The Honey is a finder of lost valuables. Attach it to your keys or something else, sync it to your phone, and relax. The Stone is a smart button and a convenient shortcut to your phone. It is used to automate routines or as a phone remote control.

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Plot Projects (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The Dutch proximity company enables geofencing notifications for apps. It allows your business to engage with your mobile app users at the right time and place. Plot Projects’ platform lets you achieve your goals in mobile by driving revenue, activate your users and gather intelligence.

Plot Projects uses three ways to target location in one easy to use platform. Plot Projects powers apps to enhance their mobile strategy with geofencing and location-based push notification.  This enables apps to engage their users with highly relevant messages based on location. Geofencing allows to reach out to users based on their current location; geotriggers use the location history and beacons take advantage of the power of proximity.

The firm has reputed clients like Target, Vouchercloud, Ryanair, Coca-Cola, Rabobank, Heineken and Vodafone. VoucherCloud used Plot Projects to let users know about a great discount when they are near the store. Ryanair trusted their solutions to engage users, by providing timely flight information notifications and follow-up surveys for when passengers have landed. Moreover, Coca-Cola partnered with Plot Projects through the Civico app to understand people's movements throughout a city to optimize marketing and distribution.

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Pointr (London, UK)

Pointr is an innovative indoor technology solution that's multiplatform, easy to install and cost effective to maintain. They claim to be the best performing indoor location and data platform.

The British are industry experts in providing a real time blue dot within your venue's map. Their deployments range from positioning users in busy places such as airports to asset tracking in warehouses. Pointr provides state of the art cloud platforms that help clients efficiently manage their venues, location based communications and showcase insightful data analytics. Pointr is installed in a wide range of venues from airports, exhibitions, retail stores, museums, libraries and offices, to hospitals and warehouses.

Pointr's indoor location and data platform are used by Europe's most iconic department store as well as 2 of the top 5 retailers in the UK. Their proximity solutions are deployed at 3 major airports including Heathrow and their advanced indoor location technology developed for exhibitions is now used in four countries across Europe and Asia.

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Pole Star (Toulouse, France)

From France, Pole Star is tracing the way with its indoor and outdoor positioning solutions. Pole Star has been the pioneer and world leader in indoor location for 10 years and it provides indoor location solutions for your mobile location based services.

The firm is a reliable partner, with more than 8 million worldwide footprints by in 45 countries and international customers and partners of any sector. Their expertise provides you the best solutions on the market. Pole Star provides a complete platform, SDKs for indoor positioning and indoor mapping, as well as visit analytics and its own beacon hardware.

Pole Star has provided its solutions for clients such as Unibail-Rodamco, Galleries Lafayette, Mobile World Congress, Deloitte, Samsung, Orange, SFR, Aéroports de Paris or SNCF. Pole Star’s Indoor Location was implemented for one of the biggest show in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Moreover, the firm deployed its solution to guide passengers of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the main airport of the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe.

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Proxama (London, UK)

Proxama provides end to end digital solutions to banks and card issuers to transition their card portfolio securely onto mobile for Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless payments as well as solutions for EMV enablement, Electronic PIN Delivery, tokenization and card issuance management.

Proxama's award-winning mobile proximity marketing platform TapPoint enables brands to connect physical and digital assets via mobile to increase consumer engagement, retail sales and loyalty. They have deployed beacons across high footfall and dwell time locations, enabling you to create targeted, contextual mobile proximity campaigns that deliver results. Proxama has been in the proximity industry for over 10 years, being one of the companies with more expertise in the beacosystem.

By partnering with the OOH advertising company Exterion Media, Proxama launched the first physical Web experience on London buses in more than 500 of them. At the same time, through the building of the app Loka, the city of Norwich has become a smart city.

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Reveal Mobile (Raleigh, NC,  US)

Reveal Mobile levels the playing field for app publishers and developers everywhere by providing them with rich mobile audience data.

The firm engages by building mobile audience analytics from billions of data signals including the world's first beacon-powered audience database and traditional lat/long. A true 360-degree audience insight delivers everyday behaviors based upon your audience's real-world and digital visits, interests, and demographics. Everything easily maps to IAB standards to simplify ad buying and selling. Also, monetization makes mobile revenue match engagement by creating targeted audience segments that allow app developers and publishers to increase their mobile CPMs, lower their cost to retain and re-engage users; retarget valuable groups, and predict which will outperform others.

Reveal mobile has several clients among media companies and app platforms. By partnering with WRAL, a widely adopted news and weather digital channel, Reveal Mobile was able to segment customers that the NC State Jenkins MBA wanted to target for their education program.

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Sensoro (Beijing, China)

Sensoro, founded at the Microsoft Ventures' accelerator, is committed to the construction of an extensive aware-mobile Internet data network, integrating intelligent sensors and the mobile Internet. Based on the profound foundation of data analysis, Sensoro contributed to arm the traditional retail, service and finance industries with the latest digitized strategies.

Sensoro’s iBeacon sensor Yunzi is the first licensed product in China. All Sensoro beacons also support the latest Eddystone-EID to manage access to beacons for use cases where privacy and security is a concern. Yunzi is as small as a wristwatch and simple to deploy. It knows its precise position, understands its environmental conditions and seamlessly interacts with apps on your mobile device. Yunzi's technology makes it aware of its surroundings knowing the light intensity around it as well as sensing its own movement.

Sensoro’s beacon solutions have been implemented for impressive use cases for Pizza Hut in all its stores in China, as well as in Real Madrid’s China Tour. Also, Sensoro has been implemented in industrial IoT. Among its clients are firms like Lenovo, Unilever, CargoSense and Four Directions.

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ShopJoy (Stockholm, Sweden)

From Stockholm, ShopJoy wants to create a better shopping experience through mobile marketing at the right time, at the right place and with the right content. ShopJoy offers the possibility to communicate with customers through their smartphone in a new smart way.

ShopJoy, backed with iBeacon, makes it possible to pinpoint the exact position of a customer ranging from meters down to centimeters, independent of physical distractions. The precision of the product gives an organization endless possibilities of communication, only restricted by imagination. Using ShopJoy, an organization can increase sales, boost brand awareness and create loyal and satisfied customers. The ShopJoy Partner Cloud offers instant access to iBeacon-powered campaigns in your store just one click away.

The Swedish proximity company has signed up with large media apps, lifestyle and social apps plus some apps offering deals. ShopJoy has deployed beacons for clients like H&M, Pocket Shop, Soma Display and Arab Bank.

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Signal360 (New York, NY, US)

The New Yorkers are leaders in proximity engagement, offering a turnkey platform of proprietary beacons, an SDK that supports both their patented Audio and BLE signals, a comprehensive CMS and other proximity-based notification capabilities.

With beacons, geofence notifications, retargeting capabilities based on in-location activity, robust analytics and more, Signal360 combines technology and context to optimize proximity engagement at the right place, at the right time, to the right audience. Signal360 has proven success in sports, retail, hospitality and events, and brings a unique approach to the beacon market. Rather than selling hardware, the firm offers a scalable solution that includes hardware and the ideation, strategy, content creation and installation with maintenance necessary to deploy effective and engaging campaigns.

Signal360 has proven the effectivity of its proximity solutions by offering its services to big clients like Accenture, Oracle, Yinzcam, NBA, NHL, Atlanta Hawks or Electric. Moreover, it enabled the Golden State Warriors basketball team to achieve a 2x increase in customer spending at their venue. Signal360 deployed beacons at the Michigan Stadium, the largest stadium in America. Additionally, it enabled OVS Industry to reach 35% more customers via their proprietary patented audio signal.

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