Connecting the Physical World to the Advertising Industry - PROX Partners Pt. 5

July 14, 2016
Aleix Rodriguez
Project manager

You had the chance to discover almost all our partners in the PROX Network by now. However, there are even more exciting proximity firms that you must get to know. Each of our partners offers a unique solution, making differentiation strategies essential to attract top customers. This is the fifth part of a blog post series where you will get to know all the partners one by one and have the chance to discover their unique products and solutions.

Aurea (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Earning the name as the flagship proximity solution provider in Brazil and Latin America, Aurea provides both hardware and software solutions for players involved in the Out of Home advertising, real estate, retail, financial or sports industries.

The Aurea Smart Beacons support both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols and are perfectly integrated into the Aurea Manager platform, which enables infrastructure management, application integration through Aurea SDK, campaign specifications and analytics. Aurea provides offline-online attribution to its clients so that they can establish real-time communication with their customers in relevant places through geofencing and an extensive network of beacons. A retargeting solution allows Aurea’s clients to segment their audience to push hyper-targeted campaigns to customers that interacted with Aurea beacons in offline domains.

Aurea partnered with Clear Channel to deploy the first beacon network for OOH advertising in Latin America. The installation of beacons around Rio de Janeiro allows advertisers to interact with users through widely adopted apps on their mobile devices. The sending of targeted messages complement the physical ad placed close to the user. Aurea is also working with clients such as Movistar, Multiplan, Arezzo&Co and FootballMan. The latter has developed the mobile apps of the biggest football clubs in Brazil and Argentina.

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Sixgill (Santa Monica, CA, US)

Sixgill is an enterprise proximity services company focused on empowering the market to Track key people, places, and things, Determine proximity and intent, and Act on proximity awareness to drive business value. The result is more mobility with more control for any enterprise operation involving distributed, mobile assets.

The former Zos Communications provide market-proven proximity services for the full spectrum of enterprise mobility challenges through a single, open, extensible platform informing function-specific mobile apps regardless of device. Through Sixgill any-device SDK and ability to use any location data from any other emitter, the service enables mobile apps and assets to be tracked, proximity-informed and automated for triggered actions, enhancing responsiveness, productivity, security and safety. The California-based firm provides the scalable cloud platform Sixgill Sense, which has supported millions of app users, processed billions of data points and generated millions of real-time actions triggered by proximity circumstances. The Sixgill SDK can be incorporated into most mobile apps.

Among Sixgill’s clients are AT&T, Rugby World Cup, New York International Auto Show, New York Fashion Week, Live Nation, IMG, HSBC and the New York Jets.

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Smart Fission (Irvine, CA, US)

The California-based firm is building the next generation of B2B mobile platform for retailers, big or small, that will revolutionize the mobile shopper experience. With micro-location in-store navigation (wayfinding) coupled with contextually and proximity delivered promotions and BIG data analysis of the buyers, the retailers have a unique, highly optimized and all-in-one mobile store solution that will drive store traffic, increase basket size and deliver a shopper experience bar none.

Smart Fission’s “True Mobility” is a complete software and hardware solution that creates intelligent hyper-location environment within your retail store and lets the mobile shopper map their wish list, promotions, and coupons to store-specific real time navigation. Their solution is delivered as ready to deploy a mobile application that will get your store in the palm of the 185 million US mobile shoppers and 788 million mobile customers worldwide.

How do they do this? Simple. Smart Fission has researched. Putting to exhaustive test, some of the top existing mobile apps for retailers found the deficiencies and created an evolved platform that is built ground up for performance and user experience.

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Smartwhere (Seattle, WA, US)

Smartwhere is a proximity technology platform based in Seattle. From NFC and QR Codes to beacons, Wi-Fi, and geofencing, Smartwhere provides a comprehensive solution to manage all of your proximity technologies.

There are over 150 micro-moments throughout the day. Use our SmartEngine to ensure that you’re reaching your customers in those moments with the right message delivered in the right way. With the Smartwhere Proximity Platform, nothing gets in the way of your clients getting the most relevant content. The firm offers robust proximity solutions that allow you to integrate proximity campaigns quickly and easily into your existing mobile environment. Their web-based Administrator and mobile SDK make creating and managing proximity marketing campaigns a thing of elegant simplicity.

If you’re a developer, Smartwhere quickly enables any mobile app for proximity with just a few lines of code. Geofences and W-Fi can be configured within the web-based Administrator within seconds, without any prerequisite hardware. If your interest is in beacons and NFC/QR, Smartwhere can get you up and running with their Proximity Demo Kit.

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Spark Compass (San Diego, CA, US)

Spark Compass (Total Communicator Solutions, Inc.) is a comprehensive communication platform that collects data generated from cloud-connected devices and wireless sensors, allowing enterprise users to dissect it granularly and create business rules that will trigger events and  content delivery.

The Spark Compass platform collects data from user devices, wearables and sensors networks, enabling the delivery of smart content. This is done by analyzing data patterns, setting specific rules and combining existing data sources. Powerful analytics on collected performance data, real-time behavior and actions provide granular visibility in a centralized platform. Presenting hyper-location experiences via proximity beacons requires care not to overload the customer. Providing discovery of what points of interest are around the user, while providing a rolling update and news feed, the app changes automatically as the user moves around in the location.

The firm has taken part of many proximity cases with clients like Verifone, P&G, NRF, San Diego Convention Center, XiMED, Himss and Jimbo’s. By integrating the University of Mississippi mobile app with beacons, users app adoption increased a 400% in the first three months and the attendance at athletic and sports events increased by over 20%.

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Sweetspot (Hong Kong, China)

Engage your customers at the right time, the right place and with the right content. The SweetSpot App combines all the elements of loyalty, direct marketing, sales promotions, branding and payment into one comprehensive eWallet that is delivered via a mobile application.

It is possible to target and reach users between 1 to 70m from the brand or product by using Sweetspot’s solution. Making offers based on user profiles and needs avoids spam. That is precision using actual user behavior and transactional data. At the same time, Sweetspot allows to close the redemption loop while including all the main loyalty IDs in the process. Security is provided by assuring data privacy and payment protection via one of the world’s most secure payment gateways.

Sweetspot creates retail experiences that get results and enables brands to target specific customers and influence their behavior and purchases in-store. Moreover, it creates an engaging and interactive experience for hospitality, as well as seamless travel experiences for the transportation vertical.

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Tamoco (London, UK)

Tamoco is a London-based leader in proximity and location-based technologies with the aim of making it simpler to bridge the physical and digital media worlds by combining all kinds of proximity technologies such as beacons, Wi-Fi, QR and NFC.

The Londoners’ core service is their best in class analytics platform. They also provide open APIs to connect to your existing platforms. If you are an app developer, we offer a turnkey SDK to enable all major proximity technologies as well as unlock potential new revenue streams from your business. The firm has a game-changing new product launching in 2016, to make it simpler, faster and easier to connect the physical and digital worlds. Soon, it will be easier than ever for brands and agencies to use this technology with ease.

Tamoco has fast become one of the go-to companies for proximity technology marketing and advertising campaigns, working with companies such as BMW, Orange, Carlsberg, Uber, Vodafone, IKEA, Tesco, Kaplan, Nokia, Santander and Mondelez. A 92% conversion from tap to download was achieved in a London-wide campaign for Uber that took place in pubs and bars. In Web Summit, beacons enabled 23,000 engagements in 19 venues during one week.

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Ubudu (Paris, France)

Ubudu delivers a solution enabling venue holders to provide indoor real-time customer interaction services. Ubudu connects venues using beacon infrastructures, with customers using app SDKs or wireless tags and provides a cloud platform for marketers to manage venue interactions and analytics. Ubudu is well known for its enterprise-grade infrastructure, and for its two-way beacon mesh technology enabling true real-time interaction.

The French proximity solution provider improves customer experience in venues by bringing back personalization, efficiency and cross-channel benefits to customers through micro-targeted messages, customer detection and in-store coupons. Ubudu offers one integrated platform, from beacons to SDK and a cloud platform. Their uBeacon Mesh is the world’s first beacon mesh technology. It expands the reach of proximity marketing to places where there’s a lack of internet data to provide live interactions that are monitored and configured using a central dashboard.

Ubudu has shown its reliability by partnering with top firms that wanted to launch proximity campaigns. Among its clients are Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, SFR, Accenture, SNCF and Bwin. The real estate service A Vendre A Louer used Ubudu’s beacon technology to push alerts from real state agencies to nearby users in the street who had previously searched a matching offer. The click-rate reached 80%.

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Urban Airship (London, UK)

Urban Airship provides a world leading mobile engagement platform, helping thousands of businesses of all sizes form a direct and lasting connection with their customers. With Urban Airship, companies gain total control of their mobile footprint - apps, wallets and user-level data - to deliver experiences that get noticed and drive action across mobile or any other customer touch-point.

Companies can expand their reach beyond push notification to give customers a “wow” experience across the entire mobile surface are, inside and outside the app. Urban Airship offers unique, ready-to-use engagement actions that make sure every experience is relevant and useful. Firms choose Urban Airship to take advantage of one of their most valuable assets: user data from the mobile channel. By tapping into the mobile event stream, a rich source of event data is added to existing customer information to feed strategies that transform businesses.

More than 30,000 apps and some of the most innovative global brands in retail, media & entertainment, sports and travel & hospitality trust Urban Airship to accelerate their business through mobile marketing with an independent study calculating an average 878% return on investment for customers. It is also estimated that the customer purchase increases around 15-30% and that the payback period is just as long as two months. Some of the firm’s clients are big names like Adidas, Virgin Atlantic, Bankinter, NBC News, Showtime, Walgreens, WSJ and Caesars Entertainment.

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XtremePush (Dublin, Ireland)

The Irish offer an end-to-end mobile engagement platform tracking right from app install attribution right through to app engagement measuring LTV of the customer. In other words, they enhance data-driven marketing made easy.

XtremePush enables brands to build better relationships with their mobile and web customers through contextually relevant engagement. Their data-driven platform uses deep analysis of online & offline behavior to drive a smart targeting & engagement engine. This enables the delivery of hyper-relevant messaging to your mobile app & website users at crucial times in the customer journey. Centralized data, intelligent targeting, proximity marketing and retargeting are the attributes that allow an engagement on any channel.

The firm has worked with large banking organizations to become a global FinTech partner. Among XtremePush’s clients are the PGA Tour, Shell, Trump, 7-Eleven, Leinster Rugby, Accenture and TBC Bank. Leinster Rugby can now engage fans by delivering seat upgrading offers. This had a phenomenal response to date with more than 25% conversion rate and a 300% increase in app usage compared to previous seasons.

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