Early Access: Unacast Report Studio

Early Access: Unacast Report Studio

We are extending our offer of complimentary reports through February 14th — learn more and sign up on our Report Studio page.

Location data, when properly processed and interpreted, can work for any organization — not just ones with big data teams and deep pockets. That’s why we’re launching the Unacast Report Studio: to deliver custom human mobility insights to companies that need them quickly and affordably.

Unacast Report Studio is perfect for your company if:

  • You’re a real estate company gathering information about potential new property investments or measuring the performance of your portfolio
  • You’re a retailer looking to enhance your strategy for expanding into new markets or for tackling store cannibalization
  • You don’t have a data science team or technical infrastructure to help ingest, visualize, or interpret the data
  • You want insights about specific venues or neighborhoods, but don’t want to sacrifice speed or details
  • You’re looking for a data snapshot with a one-time transaction, rather than an annual contract or monthly platform subscription
  • You suspect that location data could benefit your company but don’t want to break the bank to find out

How It Works

Each report comprises a staple set of correlations and visualizations. Our team will work with you, over the phone or by email, to pinpoint the locations you'd like insights for, and a timeframe within the past 12 months. Once you select the inputs, we’ll create the charts and graphs that help us spot patterns in activity. Our team will then create an analysis of what your data means and recommendations for how to interpret it.

Types of Reports

We currently offer two types of custom reports (with additional types in development):

  • Venue Profiling: to better understand a single location, or a set of locations’, visitation profile. You’ll find insights about who visits your location, when and for how long, where the visitation originates, and which other venues the visitor frequents. 
  • Neighborhood Profiling: to understand the traffic patterns of a particular neighborhood. In this report you’ll find insights about the neighborhood of your choice, such as which parts of the neighborhood are commercial, residential, or mixed use, or what types of visitors the neighborhood attracts and how these trends change over time.

Free Reports Now Through February 1st

At Unacast we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and services. Help us make Report Studio more of what you need by participating in Early Access. You will get a complimentary report of your choice, in exchange for giving us feedback on our process and product.

Get started here, and one of our team members will reach out to you within 24 hours.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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