Announcing the Human Mobility Insights Buyers’ Guide — 2020 Edition

Announcing the Human Mobility Insights Buyers’ Guide — 2020 Edition

The location data space is growing in size and complexity. As we head into 2020, we’re seeing an industry where more companies want to utilize location data to make strategic decisions in response to a fluctuating market, including: 

  • Retail Analytics
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Disaster Planning & Recovery
  • AdTech & Marketing

To meet these needs (and many others), new location data providers have cropped up, with offerings all across the product-service spectrum. But with more use cases, providers, and solutions than ever before, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

At Unacast, we are often asked for advice on the best ways to navigate such a complex marketplace, and usually what potential buyers are curious about boils down to trustworthiness. Their questions usually fall into one of three categories:

  1. Effectiveness: how to know that you’re getting the best solution to tackle your use cases
  2. Value: how to know that the data / insights you’re buying are worth the money you’re paying
  3. Privacy: how to know you won’t inadvertently run afoul of regulations through no fault of your own

To help all the prospective buyers out there, we’re proud to announce the newest edition of our most popular publication — the 2020 Human Mobility Insights Buyers’ Guide (formerly known as the Data Buyers’ Guide).

The Buyers’ Guide is designed for those seeking guidance on the trustworthiness issues, as well as those who want to dig into such topics as:

  • Why “insights” are the new “data”
  • The strategic and technological wizardry behind the curtain
  • Questions that smart buyers always ask prospective providers

Naturally, we want you to get your human mobility insights from us, and we sincerely hope that you do. But we also believe that educating clients, especially in a nascent industry like ours, is a higher calling. Sketchy, underperforming data products waste dollars with inflated prices, create exposure to liability, and hinder otherwise successful strategies. That turns both buyers and the general public sour, and is negative for the industry as a whole. Better-informed buyers can help us advance the cause of high-quality, privacy-first location data solutions — a winning situation for everyone.

Access the Guide, Free of Charge

And if you have any further questions on location data and human mobility insights, you are always welcome to contact our team of experts at

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