Infographic: Why Proxbook is the No.1 Destination For Global Proximity Marketers

April 4, 2016
Romet Kallas
Account Executive

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Fact: The top priorities for major brands in the upcoming years revolve around these principles:

  • Prioritizing mobile
  • Improving customer experience
  • Data-informed marketing
  • Being able to engage customers with timely, relevant and personalized content

Mobile is at the very center of all these principles, as it is a highly personal device that we carry everywhere we go. It is the tool for brands to guide consumers on vital moments in the customer journey; starting with the first digital handshake up until to the very purchase. Google defines these moments as micro-moments and the ones who get them right, win. After all, we live in a world where 90% of the sales still happen in the brick & mortar, and customers increasingly demand a communication, that is unique and relevant to their particular needs.

This is the reason why 70% of the retailers are already looking to invest in proximity technologies. They don't want to risk becoming obsolete. However, recognizing the importance of proximity marketing is only the first step - there is more to it. Especially when we talk about retailers, who are notoriously cautious to adopt new technologies.

Getting started with proximity marketing has for some proven to be complicated for the following reasons:

  • The proximity industry is new
  • The industry is fragmented - there are a huge amount of players around the globe, and there is no "generic" solution
  • Different industry verticals require different solutions
  • Lack of knowledge and transparency about the possibilities as well as technologies
  • There are various stakeholders in a proximity campaign e.g. hardware, mobile app, CMS, ad platforms and other software, which makes it especially hard to assemble and execute a project without having a deep knowledge about the industry forehand

That is why we launched Proxbook, the world's largest proximity industry directory. To bring transparency into the rapidly evolving landscape, to make it easier for brands and retailers to connect with various stakeholders and vice versa. The best part is - it's free for everyone to use!

Proxbook has covered the proximity industry's development from l million to 5 million proximity sensors deployed worldwide in 2015 in less than a year, and the interest in proximity marketing has increased in parallel with this increase in sensors. This is also the reason for why the latest Proxbook Report has been downloaded over 1000x times, and among the downloaders we find major global brands, retailers, marketers and advertisers.

Check out our infographic on how and why Proxbook has become the No.1 destination for global proximity marketers:

Stay tuned for the Q1 Proxbook Report - Proximity Marketing in Retail!