Introducing ProxSummit 2017 – understanding the real world

August 22, 2017
Kjartan Slette
COO & Co-founder
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25% of marketing budgets are allocated to location-based marketing, and companies are increasingly investing in proximity and location technologies – and that number is growing.

As consumers we spend most all our time in the physical world, yet as Marketers we know next to nothing about it. On September 7th, Unacast will bring together the top 50 leaders in Marketing and advertising to create the inaugural ProxSummit. Hosted at the Midtown Loft & Terrace in NYC, the aim is to advocate transparency, debate how location is used today and also predict what the future holds.

Recent events like Snapchat acquiring not one, but two, location companies, and Amazon going full speed into physical retail by acquiring Whole Foods, have sent a clear signal that the next years are going to be all about location and data.

But, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, challenges, and fragmentation to be solved.

The real world is hiding in plain sight

It has been difficult in the past getting closer to understanding the real world, with limited data to extract from it, but that is changing quickly with the rise of various sensor technologies. These, combined with more traditional GPS data, and to some extent Wi-Fi and NFC, and other more static data sources like demographics, together says something about how people and places are connected.

The fact is, as an industry, we know next to nothing of where we move about, with who, and why. Our view of what happens when interacting outside a screen represents a substantial potential - underscored by the fact that as humans we use about 70% of our time interacting with the physical world around us.

The companies at ProxSummit 2017 are all out to remedy this.

Join ProxSummit 2017

The conference is hosted at the beautiful Midtown Loft & Terrace in NYC on September 7th, and you can check out the full program and how to RSVP here.

The conference is already nearing full capacity, but we will be releasing more seats as we get closer to the date, so it’s definitely worth getting your name on the waiting list now.