Introducing The Unacast Report Studio

Introducing The Unacast Report Studio

At Unacast, our goal is to bring great location data and transformative human mobility insights to any organization that can benefit from them. We’re seeing strong market signals that interest in location data is growing, but the ability to properly wrangle unwieldy raw data is not. In other words, there’s a large and growing gap between the number of companies who want to use location data and the number of companies who can use location data.

Data Is Like Paint In A Jar

Here’s why: data without interpretation is like paint in a jar — it’s not until you apply it to a canvas that it begins to mean something. Device-level data products are like that proverbial jar: uncurated, and sometimes unprocessed sets of raw data. Companies without dedicated time, in-house experts, and proper technological infrastructure won’t have ways to interpret it, let alone actualize it. They need products that feature built-in processing, curation, correlation, and even visualization as a matter of course. This kind of aggregated product acts as a shortcut, offers all potential clients the opportunity to leap directly to interpretation, so that they can turn location data into actionable insights and strategies without a huge upfront investment or a high degree of technical sophistication.

An Easy Access Solution

For these clients, we’ve created the Unacast Report Studio: a quick, affordable way to visualize human mobility data in action. In essence, we act as the sourcer of high-quality location data, the processing and contextualization engine, and data science team for hire — helping a broad range of clients, in a wide variety of industries, understand how human mobility insights can work for them. And, as the name implies, these insights are packaged into a report.

What’s In A Report?

There are different types of reports to choose from, and each type comes with its own predetermined set of insights. All you have to do is provide us with your choice of place (currently a venue or neighborhood in the US) and a time period (anytime within the last two years), and we’ll create a report on the visitation patterns to that place in that time period.

While additional report types are coming later this year, we currently offer: the Venue Profiling report, which measures visitations to single locations (such as a store); and the Neighborhood Profiling report, which measures visitations to up to four larger areas.

Reports include analytics like:

Whether you’re a retailer who wants to better understand your competitive set, or a real estate analyst who wants to see the vibrancy of an area, these insights are valuable inputs into your decision-making process. Get started here, and one of our team members will reach out to you within 24 hours.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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