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Location Intelligence in the Automotive Industry - The Q4 2017 Prox.Report

February 28, 2018
Maria Kukhtina
Proximity.Directory Product Manager

In the Q4 2017 Proximity.Directory Report, we look at how the automotive industry is being shaped by proximity technology and location data. The automotive industry is facing more challenges than it may seem to be from the first look. In the recent years, the leading automakers have been struggling to get the returns on invested capital due to high costs of new technology, investments in R&D (e.g. driverless vehicles), and tough competition. When the whole future of owning and driving vehicles is under question, many players in the industry make decisions based on the gut feeling instead of analyzing data and customer’s needs. While the efforts are concentrated on new inventions, manufacturers still struggle with inventory control, high distribution costs, and building customer loyalty.

The report shows that leveraging location data and proximity technology allows to increase capital returns, minimize costs, and drive customer loyalty. Understanding customers’ needs based on location data and mobile behavior provides valuable insights that could be used to set up advertising campaigns, optimize services offerings, and choose the right locations. In addition, location tracking technology allows car manufacturers to manage inventory more effectively and save millions of dollars on audits and missing equipment.

In this report, we present results from more than 10 real-life cases that demonstrate how different players of the automotive industry utilize location data and technology.

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Proximity Solution Provider index

We calculate PSP index for two separate categories: hardware providers and platform providers. The PSPi is based on the information provided in the company profiles on Proximity.Directory and is not a scoring of the company's’ success.

Top 3 Hardware

1. Kontakt.io (Poland)

2. Estimote (UK)

3. Cisco Meraki (US)

Top 5 Platforms

1. Swirl (US)

2. Plot Projects (Netherlands)

3. Tamoco (UK)

4. Aruba (US)

5. Bleesk (Poland)

Highlights of the report:

  • A beacon-enabled mobile app helps an insurance company in England estimate car insurance premiums by measuring driving for smoothness, anticipation, cornering and speed
  • Volkswagen promoted its new Amarok model in Turkey by engaging with mall visitors through a third-party mobile app and beacon-enabled billboards. As much as 43% of invited customers accepted the test-drive when “the car was calling”.
  • Location-based technology allows brands to stand out,  attract visitors, and create exposure during the auto shows.
  • A leading Chinese car maker saves tens of millions of dollars each year on audits and inventory management through an automated location-tracking solution for all large components and finished vehicles.
  • A transportation platform developed for a Norwegian transport provider allows to optimize fleet operations, improve safety and efficiency through on-board sensors, communicate within a team, track driving patterns, and reward individual truck drivers
  • 476 companies from 60 different countries are registered on Proximity.Directory
  • As of Q4 2017 18,763,000 sensors are registered on Proximity.Directory
  • Cooperation with mobile audience owners, data monetization, and online/offline retargeting drive scalable personalization, increase revenues, and improve satisfaction of final customers