Meet the Team Behind the Data: Julie

Meet the Team Behind the Data: Julie

Julie Kirkhus - Software Engineer

Talk about your background and how you ended up at Unacast.

I am from Grünerløkka, Oslo, and received my masters degree in computer science at NTNU in Trondheim. I started as a consultant for Capgemini where I stayed for about a year before I moved on to Unacast. 

Talk about the things about your work that interest you most.

The speed of all our projects. We do a lot of pics and mvps and they might stick or they might end up in the trash, but either way we get to make the decisions and we take ownership of every project.

Tell us about a project you are especially proud of!

Back in March when COVID-19 was starting to spread in the US, we created a webpage showing how well states and counties were doing on social distancing. We managed to do this in only 4 days, working at the speed of light. And it received hundreds of thousands of users on the first day. 

Talk about the team and the culture -- what’s different about Unacast?

We have a pretty fun and free culture. We are free to choose what technology to use so if you want to learn something new, add it to your current project. Two of our values are “Be your own CEO” and “Have fun, seriously”, and we follow them to the bone.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a gamer, so I spend many hours in front of my computer or on the Nintendo Switch. My friends and I also have this group that creates demos (computer programs that produce visual and music presentations) and attends competitions from time to time. I also really love a good movie, and try to watch all the oscars nominees every year.

What is your favorite tech at the moment?

I have to say most things in the frontend world. I’m full stack and love owning a task from the database to the frontend, but I can sit for hours tweaking a button to make it work perfectly. I’ve started taking a larger interest in the css and how many cool stuff you can make with it.

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