Open Access to Neighborhood Insights, Now With Top Points of Interest

Open Access to Neighborhood Insights, Now With Top Points of Interest

Neighborhood Insights now includes 3 new features:

  1. Top Points of Interest for you neighborhoods
  2. Map Visualization to see changes in foot traffic
  3. Vibrant new color scheme for quicker insights

In addition, we have made available a free version of Neighborhood Insights where anyone can sign up and explore 4 sample neighborhoods: Denver Central Business District, New York Financial District, Sweetgreens LA and the North Loop neighborhood in Austin. 

Top Points of Interest

With a quick look, you are now able to see the venues most visited in your neighborhood pre-covid, how much traffic has changed, and how each location is trending towards recovery.

Top points of interest in your neighborhood (collection)

Map Visualization for Change in Foot Traffic

To provide a more nuanced picture of movement in each neighborhood, we have added a new map visualization showing change in foot traffic compared to the previous year for Non-recovered census block groups. This makes it easier to identify hard hit areas.

Interface with traffic trends. The updated visualization of foot traffic also includes a new color scheme from dark teal to green, providing an improved map view.

Free version of Neighborhood Insights

In addition to these new features, we are pleased to now offer a free version of Neighborhood Insights. The free version includes a set of 4 sample neighborhood collections to explore. 

Retailers, CRE professionals, and reporters will have special interest, but anyone who wishes to can sign-up and try Neighborhood Insights for free. You are also welcome to contact us and speak with one of our data experts.

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