New eMarketer Report Dives into How Location Tracking is Improving Online-to-Offline Capabilities

New eMarketer Report Dives into How Location Tracking is Improving Online-to-Offline Capabilities

Marketers have been seeking to link online behavior with offline conversions since the beginning of digital marketing, and location data has become an invaluable tool in their ongoing quest. As the location data industry matures, so do the capabilities it can offer marketers across multiple verticals: from adtech and martech to finance, city planning and beyond. So, with all of the evolution in the space, what does the online/offline connection look like today? 

The latest O2O (online-to-offline) report from eMarketer digs deep into how our increasingly connected world is providing a richer than ever mine of data for marketers. The report, for which CEO Thomas Walle was interviewed, includes a specific section dedicated to the current state of visitation and purchase dating, with details on why accurate location data is a key piece of the puzzle.

Download the report with eMarketer Pro for understanding and vital statistics on how new O2O capabilities have enabled advertisers to refine goals, change creative and in some cases rethink their media mix. Further key insights include: 

  • Demand for O2O measurements has increased in most industries over the past 24 months, which has corresponded with a push by major publisher platforms to offer O2O measurement solutions.

  • Visitation data has gotten better, although bid-stream location data from exchanges is still rife with inaccuracies, and GPS data has limits in crowded urban environments and indoor spaces. Most providers use a combination of signals to get more accurate readings.

  • Purchase data is the ultimate goal for many marketers, especially those in industries like CPG and pharma. To link online advertising with offline purchases, marketers need to wait for purchase data to come from stores and then link it to an advertising ID via an identity graph. This can take up to a month, limiting the optimization that this data provides during a campaign.

  • Better offline measurements have led to an increase of advertising with measurable offline goals.

  • Although rising privacy concerns have started to put pressure on O2O providers, especially in Europe, they are unlikely to derail the trend toward greater O2O measurement.

Find the report here.

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