Presenting our team - Hello, Jarle

Presenting our team - Hello, Jarle

You’ve already met Lars. Let me introduce Jarle Fosen, also one of our recent hires.

Jarle works as a Platform Engineer at Unacast whilst fighting his way to the top as the most funny person in all of Unacast - constantly. He believes, as he has been told by many, that quantity goes over quality when it comes to telling jokes and funny stories. He might not hit gold every time, but once in a while people laugh.

Jarle, who are you?

My name is Jarle, and I’m 25 years old. Born and raised in Karmøy mainland (important distinction), where it usually rains and we have summer a couple of day a year. The rest of the year we have autumn. I’ve been living in Oslo for the past 5 and a half years, where I have been studying Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Oslo and worked at a startup. In the last 6 months I’ve been having the time of my life with my colleagues and friends at Unacast.

I like fixing everything. Broken printer? Faulty WIFI? I’m on it! Can I automate anything on the way, or create a better experience for you than you already had then I will do it.

In my spare time I probably watch a bit too much TV, and I’m really good at not working out.

What did you do before you started at Unacast

I studied at the University of Oslo and worked at a startup where I was the main developer for an Android application.

Why did you start working at Unacast?

I knew who some of the people at Unacast were from before, and when I got a call to grab a cup of coffee, I immediately knew that these were the people that I wanted to work with. I had a good feeling that what I could bring to the company would have value, but more importantly that I would be able to learn so much from my colleagues while having a lot of laughs.

To become the best at something is my dream. What it is I don’t know yet, but I was certain that this would be a step in the right direction if I were to reach that dream.

What kind of problems do you solve, and what are the tools you use?

Different problems needs different tools. I feel like a potato, you could pretty much use me everywhere.

What I find very fascinating is to create data pipelines using Google’s Pub/Sub together with Dataflow. Being able to boil down transformations into clear and precise functions that do specific things, doing some magic and suddenly at the other end of the pipeline you have the data that you’re looking for! Completely automated, always doing what you want, always working.

My main strength is Java which comes from working with Android app development and creating backend services in Play! Framework. After joining Unacast I’ve been exposed to Clojure and Golang, and I can see myself creating the future in any of those programming languages.

But to solve any problem you need an editor, and for that I use the Swiss Army Knife called Emacs.

What is the most fun thing about working at Unacast?

Our humor. Definitely.

There hasn’t been a single day at work where I haven’t laughed, and I don’t think that day will come. We can go from heated passionate discussions in one moment and switch over to telling jokes and stories when we’ve reached an end in the discussion. I think it’s healthy, and I very much enjoy it.

What will you gain from working at Unacast?

Huge amounts of kowledge in development, system architecture and problem solving. I will also learn how it is to work in a small company that grows to a huge one, and how we all together build and retain the company culture that we are proud of having today when we are 20 people and in the near future when we are 200.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Unacast!

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