PROX Partners

November 2, 2015
Birte Steen
VP Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

The proximity industry is at an early phase. According to the latest Proxbook report, 56% of the Proximity Solution Providers were founded between 2013 and 2015. The average amount of sensors per Proximity Solution Provider in Proxbook has increased by 160% compared to Q2.

At the beginning of a startup’s life there is a lot of pressure on generating revenue as soon as possible and at an exponential rate. It is easy to focus more on building a model for customer acquisition, than finding a way to retain and engage customers. The fact that it is more expensive to acquire a new customer than retaining an existing one, is often learned the hard way. Over 77 percent of companies have had customer success teams for three years or less, according to an article by Christine Crandell in Forbes.

Our partners are our most valuable asset

Unacast already has 30 global partners in our PROX network. At the same time as we are rapidly growing the network with more proximity partners, we believe that our existing ones are our most valuable asset. Partnership success is driven at the executive level to ensure that our focus will be on prioritizing and investing in our partners’ feedback.

We are building a partnership team that will make sure every partner gets the attention needed to grow a close and sustainable relationship where we together build the industry we operate in. We have developed solid processes for all phases of the relationship and will make sure that the partners know what to expect in each phase.

Unacast solves real business problems for our partners

Unacast has made a long term commitment to add continuous value and grow the proximity industry. We see the world from our partners’ and the industry’s point of view to make sure we solve their real business problems. Proxbook and Location Control are two examples that identified and solved important challenges in the proximity industry:

In a young market it is difficult for retailers and brands to find the optimal proximity solution for their strategy. Proxbook connects PSPs and their customers, and has already become a fantastic lead generating tool for our partners and the whole industry.

To address the privacy concern and help our partners and the industry as a whole win the trust of consumers, Unacast built Location Control. Location Control solves the challenge of transparency by letting consumers see and opt-out from proximity data collection.

Unacast PROX should lead to more business for our partners

It is not enough for Unacast that our partners just like PROX. They need to be raving fans that are willing to go out and tell the world about us. The way to achieve that loyalty is by giving our partners unforgettable experiences. Within seven days of the partnership, the partners will be introduced to a partnership representative. Their goal will be to identify expectations and exceed them, within the first month. The best way to achieve that is if our partners get more business as a direct result of the partnership.

The onboarding should therefore make sure to educate them in adding retargeting to their pitch already for their next meeting. A partner is considered onboarded when they have achieved initial success, defined by the partner.

We bring leads and media attention to the network

Being a partner in the PROX network can also result in leads coming directly from Unacast. When Unacast is contacted by retailers and brands to do commercial campaigns, we invite our PROX members to the campaign where they deliver the beacon and proximity technology. In order to recommend the right partner for each campaign we need to build a very close relationship and know the strengths of each partner.

Unacast has an experienced PR and communications team that will make sure to create attention around the results of our partners’ most successful campaigns and hopefully create a positive spiral of inbound leads.

PROX partners will be the most adaptive players in the proximity industry

The proximity industry is growing rapidly. We know that our partners’ needs and view of what success means will change over time. Therefore, we need to be in continuous dialogue and speak at least once a month to make sure we are fully updated and have a clear plan on how to deliver increasing amount of value at every point in time.

As the industry evolves and changes we will make sure to educate our partners about the latest trends so that they can gain competitive advantage by acting on early signals of change. We will encourage knowledge flow and sharing within the PROX network to ensure that PROX partners are known as the most agile and adaptive players in the proximity industry.