Proximity Companies That Reach Beyond Beacons

June 19, 2015
Romet Kallas
Account Executive

It was not long ago when we first heard about beacons. A technology that has not only made a big leap towards omni-channel marketing, but also in modernizing the experience in shopping malls, airports, museums, sporting events, real estate, educational facilities and even helping the visually impaired. Despite the large variety of different industry verticals, this is just the beginning - the era of proximity marketing.

Proxbook - world's largest directory

In Unacast we are readying the launch of Proxbook, the world’s first directory of proximity companies. In our research we have found that there are already over 300 companies delivering proximity solutions in the world. In other words, it is essential to stand out.

In order to improve the customer experience, we are starting to see new partnerships, technologies and unique ways of approach that takes proximity beyond beacons.

Below is some of the better examples we have found of proximity companies standing out in how they approach the market.

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Signal360In addition to a complete proximity platform with hardware, Signal360's ace in the pocket is the patented audio feature allowing brands to interact with customers who have Bluetooth disabled. This is where it gets real interesting, a connection is being made between a device’s microphone and a sound wave, enabling to send a push notifications. It is a perfect solution for stadiums, because you do not need beacons to send a notification.

ThinaireThinaire provides a wide range of technologies and know-how to maximize the potential of proximity marketing. RF, NFC and beacons are only a part of their repertoire. It is possible for retailers to engage with a video offering pushed to a consumer’s device. Thinaire recently partnered with Panasonic to develop and deploy the next generation of intelligent proximity and video marketing solutions to test the true meaning of digital signage.

Indoor AtlasWith no extra hardware, Indoor Atlas  provides indoor location services with their patented magnetic technology and mapping tools. Simply sign up, get access to their platform and start mapping with a thorough step-by step guide. Very convenient and it might possibly be the most cost-efficient indoor positioning solution available. They can also integrate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location information in order to optimize the positioning performance. In fact just recently, Indoor Atlas partnered with Aisle411’s beacon platform to go in depth in understanding the consumer.

We see companies increasingly going the extra mile to improve accuracy and quality in improving the customer journey. According to Boston Retail Partners within 5 years we will see 8 times more retailers wanting to start a personal conversation with their customers. Beacons allow us to engage and analyze customers like never before and it is always exciting to see innovative companies pushing the boundaries, with new technologies and solutions.

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