Status of the Global Proximity Marketing Industry

November 2, 2015

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Henric Ehrenblad, founder of mobile ad-serving firm Widespace, predicts that mobile will account for 70 percent of media consumption by 2020. Smart Insights states that, mobile media time in US is already 51 percent compared to desktop at 42 percent. Yet, based on CMO Survey, the current marketing budget on mobile activities is only 6 percent of total marketing budgets. “There’s a lag – the eyeballs are ready but advertisers don’t know how to reach those audiences.” says Garret MacDonald, Kochava executive vice-president of sales.

As marketers are discovering ways to master mobile marketing, there are already 205 Proximity Solution Providers in Proxbook, which are able to show them the power of proximity marketing.

"Proxbook is the go-to resource for an industry that's redefining mobile. By showing how the proximity industry is leveraging the increasing connection of our mobile devices to the world around us, Proxbook is the guide for a future in which everything is digital.", says Doug Thompson, CEO of Dot3.

We are therefore glad and proud to announce the Q3 Proxbook Report, the definitive breakdown of the global proximity industry. Download the report here:

Some of the key findings in the Proxbook report:

  • The amount of proximity sensors in Proxbook has increased a massive 280% from 879 500 to 3 349 000 since Q2
  • There are 205 Proximity Solution Providers in Proxbook from 37 countries, which is 44% more compared to Q2
  • The average amount of sensors per Proximity Solution Provider has increased by 160%. From 6 200 sensors per PSP to 16 300 per PSP. This shows that the global increase in sensors is not only due to new members, but also that existing Proximity Solution Providers are getting involved in bigger projects and deployments
  • Google’s new beacon standard has been in the market for just a few months and already Eddystone supporters have increased to 25%, compared to 5% of total companies in Q2, from 7 to 51 companies
  • Average amount of Proximity Solution Provider per country has increased by 20%
  • 56% of the Proximity Solution Providers have been founded between 2013 and 2015
  • Healthcare and Airports have been the fastest growing industries when it comes to proximity solutions

In the full Proxbook report you will find:

  • An overview of the global proximity industry
  • Featured proximity solution use cases
  • Proximity beacon standards and amount of supporters
  • Sensors deployed globally
  • The amount of Proximity Solution Providers in different countries
  • 19 different industry verticals where proximity data is leveraged
  • Proximity Solution Providers categories and specifications of their solutions
  • The average age of Proximity Solution Providers
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