The 8 Best Blogs to Follow About iBeacon and Proximity marketing

January 10, 2016
Romet Kallas
Account Executive

At Unacast we love to talk about beacons, proximity marketing, online retargeting and advertising to name a few. And if you are interested in bringing your customers back to your physical store or venue by adding proximity to your marketing strategy, read more here.

The proximity industry is still young, where exciting and important news surfaces every single day. So we have put together a list of the best industry blogs to make sure you can stay updated on the latest trends and insights.

Beaconstac blog by Mobstac

MobStac offers an integrated solution for iBeacon-enabled proximity messaging and analytics called Beaconstac. In the Beaconstac blog, you can educate yourself about the possibilities within proximity marketing. They love to compare different proximity technologies and cover the latest news.

Rover Blog

Rover is an iBeacon platform that helps retailers deliver a better customer experience by transforming mobile apps into in-store shopping companions. In their blog, they share tips how to work with beacons and how to execute a proximity marketing campaign. They also share very detailed case studies.

Passkit blog

Passkit facilitates customer engagement through mobile wallet and beacons. If you want to be updated on the latest trends regarding proximity mobile payments take a look at their blog. They also discuss different use cases, talk about the possibilities with iBeacon and The Physical Web and more.

Estimote blog

Estimote is a beacon hardware provider with highly capable iBeacon and Eddystone devices. Their blog offers valuable insight to the developers working with beacons and other proximity technologies. It is also a good place to stay updated on interesting proximity marketing projects and important news about the latest technology improvements.

Swirl blog

Swirl offers retailers, brands, advertisers and publishers a platform for proximity-based indoor mobile marketing. Every successful marketing campaign revolves around the customer and that’s what the Swirl blog is really about. You will also find everything you need to know about deploying and executing a successful beacon campaign at scale. blog helps to build scalable proximity solutions with their beacon hardware and other tools. If you are interested in facts and figures about beacon deployments, this is the place to go. is known for organizing and covering creative events around beacons and IoT, including the “Beacons for Good” initiative, so keep your eyes on their blog to make sure you won’t miss out.

Proxbook blog

Proxbook is the proximity industry directory, where the proximity companies from around the world have come together with an agenda to accelerate the growth of the industry. In the blog different proximity companies come together to share knowledge, insight and discuss everything regarding proximity marketing.

Disclaimer: Proxbook is operated by Unacast, so you could say we are somewhat biased here.

Hotspot revenue blog

Hotspot Revenue is a proximity marketing company that uses TalkingWiFi to connect brands to their prospects and customers. If you are interested in proximity marketing with Wi-Fi in addition to beacons, check out this blog. Hotspot revenue blog gives a very comprehensive view, why you should do proximity marketing.

To receive an overview and most important events from the proximity industry in 2015, stay tuned for the Q4 Proxbook Report due to be released later in January.