The Unacast Team is in Ibiza This Week for a Workation - Wait, a Work-what?

The Unacast Team is in Ibiza This Week for a Workation - Wait, a Work-what?

At Unacast, we strongly believe in the productivity and collaboration that results from giving our team flexibility, independence and freedom - that's why we decided to take those ideas to the next level with a workation! What exactly is a workation, and how are we integrating work, play and productivity into a week in Ibiza?

Well, rather than writing this as the picture perfect blog post explaining how a workation should be organized in theory, I decided to rather show you excerpts of the actual internal documents shared with the company to introduce the Ibiza Workation in reality. The meetings are structured as seminars with 20-something sessions (conference style) that involve many or few - depending on the topic. Team and Division heads introduce these sessions to the company and invites directly - and are also in charge of the post-seminar retrospectives.

Note, we call these meetings Round Tables (Unacast → Unacastle → Round Table) due to a Round Table having no heads at the table but rather a group of equals sharing, discussing, and deciding
Note 2, Unacast is organized around Teams where products and execution lies, and Divisions that are groupings of similar skill sets for honing competences (like Engineering, Data Science, Sales etc.). Teams are the main building block

Take a look at the information below that I sent to the company, and hopefully you can use parts of this to plan your own all-hands company meetings. And, I would love your feedback on how you plan your company meetings.

Introducing the Ibiza Workation

Welcome to the 9th Round Table. This time we head for the summary island of Ibiza for a week of both fun and work. Based on feedback from previous Round Tables it is clear that you have wanted a Round Table where the program is less rigid and where there is more quality time to both work and socialize with the rest of the company.

This, plus our celebration of all of us working REALLY hard the last couple of years and now deserving to kick back a bit, is the core of the Unacast Ibiza Workation.

The only full company session is Thomas’ two hour introduction to set the tone on Tuesday, and outside that we’ll leave it up to the Teams and Divisions to best structure their own work days, with the focus on getting projects out the door and cooperating with people you don’t normally get to spend quality time with.

Thomas’ session will focus on our mission (“With our superior knowledge of human mobility, we aspire to be the trusted foundation for all data-driven decisions”) and our strategy for the next 12+ months - as we are now fully coming out of our post raise planning sessions and are getting ready to execute all our plans.

To make sure Team and Divisions leads are well prepared I’ll set up a separate meeting with them before we leave for Ibiza - so feel free to suggest ideas to your leader directly. Also, please ask questions directly into this document as comments.


Below you’ll find the main agenda for the Unacast Ibiza Workation and as you can see most of the days are reserved for work and collaboration. Team and Division leads are in charge of structuring these work session as best possible - of course taking advantage of the quality time spent together with the whole company.

Purple are mandatory sessions. Green are voluntarily, although we hope as many as possible will join the voluntarily sessions too.

Team and Division leads will come together this week to sync on the agenda, and as mentioned above, feel free to suggest ideas to your leader directly.

#begood in Ibiza

I also want to take a moment to remind everyone to #begood in Ibiza - as we all are every other day too. In addition to our code of conduct (see below), please be mindful of the following: 

• You are representing Unacast, and yourself. Be your usual kind, respectful selves to one another, the hotel staff and everyone you encounter

• Think before you post. This trip will be full of amazing insta-opportunities, but be thoughtful when posting. If posting photos of your coworkers, make sure they're aware and comfortable with the content

• Speak out. If you have comments on how to improve the experience while in Ibiza, please reach out to me and I'll fix just about everything :)

Enjoy the weekend, and see you soon. In Ibiza.

#begood - Code of Conduct

Unacast is a harassment-free zone. We are all expected to #begood and respect all employees regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, or anything related to background, appearance and identity. We do not accept any kind of disrespectful behavior.

This includes but is not limited to:

 Harassment of any kind

 Inappropriate physical contact

 Verbal abuse

 Deliberate intimidation

 Sustained interruption of talks or activities

 Encouraging any or all of the above behavior

You can inform of something or someone not being good to Kjartan Slette, or anonymously through this form (link removed). Rachel Peterson is co-chair of this initiative, and should be contacted if preferred

Are You Ready for a Workation? 

We're already looking forward to the results of this week - not just the innovative work and ideas that are sure to come, but also the unique opportunity for teams from two different sides of the Atlantic to spend quality time together.

If you share our beliefs in the power of being your own CEO and collaborating beyond office walls, as every member of the Unacast team is doing this week, check out our open positions.

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