Unacast is Hiring: We Want Your Brain

May 17, 2016
Kjartan Slette
COO & Co-founder

After announcing new funding of $5 million we are ramping up our teams at our Unacastles in NYC and Oslo. Check out for more details and apply today.

Friendly tip: We are most actively looking for more engineers in Oslo, and sales and product resources in NYC.

Why should you apply? Because we have a plan! Like Google indexed the web, Unacast is indexing the physical world. That is something you should (and could) be a part of.

This is our plan, in five steps:

  1. Solve the issue of fragmentation by connecting all PSPs (Proximity Solution Provider) to one unified platform and API so that all PSPs and all customers of PSPs start the journey towards a common language – the language of proximity. PSP value proposition: Ensure compatibility to current and future monetization opportunities.
  2. Understand that there is a direct link between the quality and volume of relevant tags associated with deployed sensors and the connected commercial opportunities. In addition to understanding that this it is not the core focus of the PSP, and that we could and should provide assistance in achieving this. PSP value proposition: Maximizing the revenue potential both in the physical and digital domain.
  3. Connect the collective proximity industry to marketing platforms, so that one can begin to understand the whole end user journey (both physical and digital) and therefore offer fuller services back to the customers of the PSPs. PSP value proposition: Add new product features to win more (and bigger) deals and add new revenue streams.
  4. Connect the collective proximity industry commercially and technically to each other so that we can increase scale for everyone. The collective amount of apps and sensors in the PROX network would be available for any given campaign, if desired, accelerating reach and growth for all. PSP value proposition: Add reach to current and future proximity deployments to increase ROI for all parties.
  5. Introduce a powerful, aggregated and harmonized proximity industry as the backbone of an increasing data hungry world, where precise (and in-door) location will be the data and fuel for a wide range of applications in finance, retail, analytics, dating, transportation – and services we can’t even imagine yet. PSP value proposition: Join in on all the future possibilities the aggregated proximity industry will attract. More clients. More products. More revenue. More fun.