We Are Hiring The Twenty

July 2, 2015
UPDATE: Check out for more information on the The Twenty

It’s about growth, and we are growing faster by the day. To keep up with market demand and to make sure we are the biggest proximity network today, tomorrow, and beyond, we are ready for twenty new friends. Friends to join in on our global journey, and friends to… well, to be just friends.

It’s about growth. Unacast started only 11 months ago, and have achieved quite a bit already. Highlights are of course the recent $1,6m funding, the opening of Unacastle in Oslo, NYC, London and San Francisco, featured coverage in everything from Fast Company to Venturebeat and Business Insider, and we have added eight more friends to the team. All while having a good time.

Our mission is of enormous proportions, and not for the faint hearted. The physical world around us is increasingly being populated with proximity sensors to communicate with people and gather data to learn. These sensors are being deployed in the millions, by thousands of different companies with equally many ways of storing data, dealing with privacy and data tagging.

Unacast means "one", and our mission is to be the backend of proximity, by interconnecting all of these companies and technologies to each other. You could call us the veins in the body of IoT. We do.

Unacast is needed. Through our platform we are sending millions of real-time interactions back and forth to power physical and digital communication between brands, retailers and end users. At SXSW we released our first 10 global partnerships, and we will soon be announcing our next 10. We are the world´s largest global proximity network, and our API enable brands and retailers to easily tap into the rapid growing amount of proximity data.

It’s about growth. And it’s about having a good time, as an individual, as a professional, and as a team. That’s why in Unacast we don’t have meeting rooms, we have living rooms. That’s why we don’t count hours at the desk, but rather count our accomplished shared goals. That’s why we give you unlimited vacation and want unlimited dedication. That’s why we want to work with people we can call friends. That’s why we want to work with you.

PS, If you understand Norwegian you can read the story in Aftenposten featuring Unacast, where we talk about the “dream worker” and our definition of the “dream working place”.

Are you one of «The Technical Ten»?

For the developer and ops positions below please submit your Github account or your preferred way of demonstrating your passion for coding, in addition to CV and LinkedIn. For the other position, CV and LinkedIn will suffice. These positions will mainly operate out of Unacastle Oslo. We encourage women to apply as we strive to have a balanced work environment. We believe a balanced work environment is a catalyst for success.

We are ready for more developer-friends:

  • With a passion for coding and who takes pride in their Github account or other open source contributions
  • That are comfortable with our current stack of JVM, Python and Javascript
  • That are comfortable switching between languages and contributing to the whole stack
  • That are geared towards cloud and microservices
  • That are ops-minded, and love scripting and automating common tasks using tools such and Gulp, Grunt and JVM equivalents
  • That long to work in a true agile environment with multiple production deployments per day, and that are willing to take joint responsibility for our code until it is no longer in production

We are ready for more sysop-friends:

  • That are dev-minded and have programming experience and are comfortable working hands-on with the code of Unacast’s products and services
  • That have production experience in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
  • That have production experience with configuration management and knowledge of tools like Docker, Ansible and Consul
  • That knows their command-line as good as their own back yard
  • That hate manual tasks, and live and breathe automation

We are ready for more UX/UI-friends:

  • That loves product and concept visualisation
  • That are good at screen design, mockups in Axure, Balsamiq or similar
  • That have prototyping skills, and experience in HTML and CSS is an advantage
  • That will help us understand our clients’ needs, and help us shape our product portfolio accordingly

We are ready for more data scientist-friends:

  • With experience in exploratory statistical data crunching and mining using tools such as R, Matlab and Python frameworks for scientific computing.
  • That ideally are comfortable with programming
  • That ideally have experience with real time data streaming using Kafka, Spark, Samza, Storm or similar frameworks
  • That have experience with personalisation and recommender systems in media, publisher and eCommerce domains as well as data-driven business intelligence solutions
  • That have experience with machine learning methods such as collaborative filtering, regression, inference and prediction

Are you one of «The Commercial Ten»?

For the commercial positions below please submit your CV and LinkedIn. These positions will mainly operate out of Unacastle NYC, Unacastle London and Unacastle Oslo. We encourage women to apply as we strive to have a balanced work environment. We believe a balanced work environment is a catalyst for success.

  • We are ready for more friends with competences from CFO and HR positions
  • We are ready for more friends with passion for and experience in sales, ideally from global positions selling to Fortune 500 brands, retailers and agencies
  • We are ready for more friends that can project manage, ideally with accounting and financial skills to also help out as the company's business controller
  • We are ready for more creative friends that love to design, preferably within various media disciplines like video, animation, photo, etc.
  • We are ready for more friends that are true product managers, ideally with a extensive and technical oriented ad-tech expertise
  • We are ready for more friends that live and breath PR, communication, SOME and content marketing
  • We are ready for more friends that loves the customer, and loves customer support

If you want to be one of The Twenty, submit your application here:

The Technical TenThe Commercial Ten

You can also get our attention by using #thetwenty. And remember, friends aren’t afraid to be personal when they write to friends.

Note that we are hiring over the next 6 months and can't give immediate feedback to all applications. Be patient, and we will revert to you.