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The Unacast Report Studio is your entry-point into the world of custom location data insights. Whether you’re new to location data or a seasoned pro, our custom reports make understanding the data easy and fast.

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Available Reports

Venue Profiling

Dive deep into a single location's visitation profile to learn:

- Who visits, when and for how long?
- How well does the venue capture nearby foot traffic?
- Where does visitation originate?
- Which other brands and venues do your visitors frequent?

Neighborhood Profiling

Closely understand a neighborhood's traffic:

- What parts of your neighborhood are commercial, residential, or mixed-use?
- Does your neighborhood attract visits from tourists? Local workers?
- How do these trends change week-to-week and month-to-month?

Premium Reports

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Brand Comparison

Understand the contributing factors for overall brand vs. brand performance, by geography

Event Analysis

Understand the impact of an event - which areas / types of venues outperformed or underperformed compared to benchmarks

Report: Venue Profilng

Venue Profiling

Analyze the visitation performance of the U.S. venue, as well as a competitor, of your choice. Download our sample to see what kind of metrics and analytics would be included in your customized report.

By combining anonymized GPS data, map data, and our core IP, we create a framework containing a broad set of metrics and statistics for millions of venues across the US:

  • Visitors Profiling: Demographics like gender, race and median age
  • Site Statistics: Basic information about site visitation, including how many daily visits the venue receives, how long visitors remain, and what fraction of passers-by the venue attracts
  • Competitive Intelligence: Information about the other venues (and brands) your visitors visit frequently (available for the top 4000 brands in the US)
  • Local Trade Area:  Maps showing where your visitors live and work at the census block group (CBG) level - as well as aggregated statistics like the average distance they travel to reach your venue
  • Traffic Patterns:  Visitation distribution charts comparing hours in a day and days in the week - useful for finding a venue's peak visitation times
  • Venue vs. Brand Traffic Patterns: Comparison of visitation statistics between a single venue and the average nationwide values for all of a brand's venues
  • Compare venue visitation numbers to other locations of the same brand, to competing locations, and to venue benchmarks
  • Gain insight into where visitors live and work to understand your venue's competitive footprint
  • Analyze daily and weekly visitation patterns to understand your venue's most important windows of time
  • Learn your visitors' habits through site statistics like dwell time, capture rate, and more

$2000 per venue (up to 4 venues per report)
Complimentary until February 1st!

Report: Neighborhood Profiling

Neighborhood Profiling

Discover activity trends for residents, workers, and tourists for the U.S. neighborhoods of your choice. Download our sample to see what kind of metrics and analytics would be included in your customized report.

We build statistics on visit composition in your area of interest up from foot traffic data aggregated to the census block group (CBG) level. Comparative analyses based on our population classifications (workers, residents, tourists, and others) show how the neighborhood changes over time

  • Visitor Stratification: The fraction of visits from each of four categories - workers, residents, tourists, and others
  • Traffic Trends: The change in visit stratification over time  
  • Traffic Patterns: Hour-by-hour activity heat-maps at the census block group (CBG) level
  • Explore neighborhood, as well as census block group (CBG) level activities for these categories: residential, business or touristic
  • Get a deeper understanding of a neighborhood by identifying types for CBGs, smaller areas that form a neighborhood
  • Gain insights about how population composition and visitation trends change over time
  • Understand how activities on CBG level changes throughout the day or through the week

$2000 per neighborhood (up to 4 neighborhoods per report)
Complimentary until February 1st!

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