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COVID-19 Location Data Toolkit

COVID-19 is upending our health, our economy, and our world. Organizations in every sector are turning to location data and human mobility insights to measure its impact, create pivot strategies, and predict recovery.

Picture of empty street due to covid-19 outbreak.

Social Distancing Scoreboard

The first tool in our Toolkit aims to provide organizations fighting COVID-19 with an understanding of the efficacy of social distancing initiatives — currently seen as the most effective way of slowing the spread of the virus.

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Retail Impact Scoreboard

Our Retail Impact Scoreboard gives retailers and retail analytics companies COVID-specific insights across industries, brands, venues, and regions.

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Migration Patterns & Emerging Areas

Our Migration Patterns & Emerging Areas offering consists of two datasets describing both the short-term and long-term changes in how people are distributed across the United States.

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To empower organizations in unprecedented times, the COVID-19 Toolkit is powered by Real World Graph® — Unacast's core asset that provides a range of perspectives and critical context for how people relate to physical locations.

  • Make decisions quickly with low latency and data that’s updated daily.

  • Be confident in the quality of your insights with the most accurate data in the industry.

  • Go beyond surface-level metrics to get a deeper understanding of where, when, and how activity is fluctuating.

  • Identify recovery signals in different geographies.


Social Distancing Scoreboard

A browser-based interactive tool that measures COVID-19- driven changes in human mobility in any US county (updated daily)

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Retail Impact Scoreboard

For any given place of interest (such as airports, stadiums, and retail stores), compare traffic patterns to news cycles to determine which fluctuations are the result of COVID-19.

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Migration Patterns & Emerging Areas

Measure changes in the human mobility patterns of larger areas, such as movement within neighborhoods or between states.

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Unacast Covid19 Recovery Tool

Neigborhood Insights

Easily explore and visualize recovery insights for any area of interest, down to the CBG level.

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The dashboards on our website provide broad overviews of COVID-19 foot traffic patterns. Using our Real World Graph® we can provide specific insights and greater depth of detail for any industry, brand, or venue.

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Data Packages

Access our Venue or Neighborhood Packages via API or importable files.

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Report Studio

Get a report tailored for activity in your POI or neighborhood.

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Insights Dashboard

Visualize insights on a browser-based interface using a unique login.

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    Get in touch to discover how location data can help your organization measure the impact of the virus.

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    Chat with our team to determine data strategies to tackle your particular challenges.

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    Use high-quality, curated data and human mobility insights to create reaction strategies and identify recovery signal.

What can human mobility insights do to combat COVID-19?

Reach out to find out! One of our experts will contact you shortly.

The Unacast COVID-19 Location Data Toolkit is carefully designed so that the output does not identify any individual person, device, or household.

Privacy & Ethics Are Front and Center

To measure population movements like the ones illustrated in our Toolkit, we look at tens of millions of advertising IDs and how they interact with each other each day — and then extrapolate to the population level. As a Norwegian company, we believe privacy is a fundamental right, which is why all of our products are fully and enthusiastically GDPR-compliant and have adopted CCPA for the whole United States (not just California).

Using plain English, our privacy statement outlines what and how and about whom data is collected, what it’s used for, and how to opt-in and opt-out. Get in touch directly at, and find info about how to opt out here.

Beyond privacy compliance, we are also heavily focused on data ethics — it’s what’s needed to make sound decisions that benefit society as a whole. Our CEO, Thomas Walle, recently shared our views on data ethics in Forbes.

Free location insights for not-for-profit institutions fighting COVID-19

Our data empowers universities, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies, to better understand how people are moving throughout the real world.

  • Location data and human mobility insights can help institutions strengthen safety measures, inform public policy, and mitigate the spread of the virus 

  • Historical data can help organizations understand past behaviors in order to predict future trends.

  • As a good corporate citizen, Unacast is committed to the fight by donating our data and insights, free of charge, to not-for-profits.