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At Unacast, we define Human Mobility as the understanding of how people interact with places over time. When it comes to building better products and making smarter decisions, understanding Human Mobility is critical to every business - that's where our datasets come into play.

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For Data Providers

Create New Products

Enable clients to leverage location and proximity data for retargeting and attribution.

New Revenue

Add new revenue to your own and to your clients’ monetization strategy.

The world’s leading location data providers have joined Unacast to make sure they and their clients get the most out of their data.

Join today and we’ll do all the heavy lifting to make your data ready and available for different marketing platforms.

Frictionless Onboarding

Use our well-documented APIs or send us flat files. We handle it all.

Robust Taxonomy


We’ll add context and segments to your data so the maximum amount of value is extracted. No work on your side.

In Control


The data will be available for marketing campaigns in the channels you and your clients prefer, or all of the them. You decide.


For Industries

Visits Dataset

The Visits dataset is a database of visits to known points of interest (POIs).

A good fit for you if you prefer to work with a location dataset that has been contextualized and thoroughly vetted on accuracy.

Pure Dataset

The Pure dataset is an unfiltered stream of location data that we have aggregated from our suppliers.

A good fit for you if you're a sophisticated platform with the internal capabilities to attach POI, analyze and extract value from data in a raw form.

Curated Dataset

A great fit for you if you are focused on specific use cases.

Unacast curated datasets are ready to use and make it easier for you to understand the value and use of modules.

Validated dataValidated dataValidated dataDiscarded dataDiscarded dataDiscarded dataDiscarded data

Whether it's city planning, transportation, or optimizing site selection for retail and hotel locations, understanding human mobility is key to driving revenue and increasing business efficiency. Discover Unacast datasets and use cases for:

Travel and Tourism >
Retail Analytics >
Transportation >
Supply Chain Logistics >

Use case

Retail foot-traffic trends

Use case

Retargeting / custom segmentation

Use case

Competitive Intelligence

Use case

Population Trends and Movement

Use case

Assessment of Economic Growth

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For Apps

simple SDK integration

Easily integrate our SDK, created with the highest privacy standards in mind, without suffering lags or decreasing the quality of the user experience.

Monetization without disrupting ux

No ads, no disruptions - monetize without sacrificing anything users love about your app.

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Unacast offers real-time insights to the leading transparent and contextualized location data platform and the Real World Graph®.

Synthesized with the movements of the user’s device, the result is a bird’s eye view of user preferences with apps and experiences that’s in real context to their physical journey. This makes it possible to create very broad, or very narrow, audience segments that can be uniformly monetized in advertising and content platforms.


We at Unacast are committed to protecting and respecting data privacy and see privacy as a key driver for the growth of proximity technologies.

Our privacy program covers the flow of data from the point of collection to our customers’ platforms. We work dilligently to ensure that all our partners who contribute data to us collect, use, and disclose the data in compliance with applicable privacy laws and industry privacy standards.