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Demand Forecasting

& Supply Chain solution solves for

Gain a deeper understanding in your supply chain, logistics, distribution, and demand forecasting. Leading organizations leverage Unacast’s human mobility insights to build better products and make smarter decisions with real-world data.

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Measure consumer activity at precise locations to optimize supply chain planning


Explore changes in area demographic profiles that impact sales


Understand site potential using venue-specific foot traffic as a proxy


Plan for opening, closing, or growing of sites and market areas


Enhance site analysis with advanced metrics like capture rate, visit duration, customer origin


Unlock trends for any area using custom-defined locations

Lambeth Council recognised as a trailblazer in post-COVID adaption with Unacast’s uniquely granular, comparative location data

How to work with the data

Market Forecasting

A representative market forecast is essential to understanding your company’s market position and developing an appropriate marketing strategy. However many forecasting models are missing a key variable: human mobility data. Unacast’s actual foot count metrics enables customers to add a real-world dimension to their forecasting methodology.

  • Measure market share and regional dominance over time
  • Benchmark foot traffic and consumer behavior at competitors’ sites
  • Identify opportunities within a trade area to meet changes in population
  • Monitor actual foot counts to project changes in site demand (open/grow/close sites, alter distribution centers)
  • Distinguish shift in demand from shift in population (tourism, migration, competitive landscape change, etc.)

Data sets in this solution

Unacast provides a selection of specific data sets in our Demand Forecasting & Supply Chain solution. For a list of our complete data schema and additional details and descriptions of these data sets, check out our data dictionary.

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Foot Traffic Trend Venue [Day/Week/Month]


Foot Traffic Trend CBG [Day/Week/Month]


Foot Traffic [Income/Education/Age] Profile Venue Month


Foot Traffic Category State Day


Catchment Area Origin CBG Quarter by [Home/Work]

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