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Isn’t it time you did something for yourself? At Unacast, we believe that unlocking the black box of human mobility data is the key to advancing innovation. That’s why we’re committed to understanding how people move around on the planet by harnessing the power of location data. It’s literally uncharted territory, which means a sense of adventure is a must.

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Culture Awards and Recognition

Work the Nordic Way

We couldn’t fit the whole of New York into tiny Norway - our original home - so we brought Norway to New York, and the broader US. That means we work differently. Coming from a country certified as the happiest in the world, we know that how we treat each other and how we work together matters. We believe that more trust + more autonomy + more humanity = more success.

We also believe that a diverse team is a strong team, which is why we’re committed to improving diversity at Unacast. And yeah, sure, we have amazing benefits. But you’re not here for the vacation time or fitness perks, right? Good! Neither are we. One really good reason to be here, however, is the extremely smart, kind and talented team already at Unacast.

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Kristine Ivarsøy
Director of Data Science
Eric Hynes
VP Partnerships
Forrest Gerke
Client Success Manager
Sruthi Subramanyam
Senior Software Engineer
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Life at Unacast

At Unacast we have always had a flexible work setup, but still, our processes were built around a physical presence. The pandemic pushed us, as with many organizations, to embrace a fully digital setup where a mix of tools ranging from Zoom and Slack to Donut and Lattice have helped us institutionalize digital collaboration, culture, and social events.

We even have our own weekly music quizzes and monthly zoom games with themes tailored to digital competitions. When we’re not collaborating digitally, we try our best to get together, do some work and have some fun! We now say, hybrid IS the new office, and both the New York and Oslo offices have found their own definition for what that looks like. You can learn more about it here.

So what does it look like to be your own CEO at Unacast and collaborate with an incredible global team? It looks a lot like this. If you can see yourself working among our talented and passionate teams, we want to meet you.

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Benefits Based on
Nordic Principle

We value our team, and we believe that great benefits are crucial to building a healthy company and working culture. That’s why we offer excellent health insurance, unlimited vacation, opportunities for global travel, and maternity and paternity leave for new parents. Want to know more about our full list of benefits and why we believe them to be important? Check out the Unacast handbook.

Relax and Recharge

with unlimited vacation time (that people can actually use)

Carve Out Family Time

with generous maternity and paternity leave and flexible working hours

Stay Healthy

with a good health plan, excellent insurance and a subsidized gym membership

See the World

with opportunities to work from New York City or Oslo (or your couch)