Foot Traffic Data for Insurance

Insurance providers across the globe use Unacast to translate real-world behavior into data-driven risk assessments.

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Insure Your Underwriting Process with Foot Traffic Data

Take the guesswork out of assessing risk and pricing policies.

Optimize pricing

High foot traffic places have higher risk. Your pricing should reflect that.

Illustration - Optimize pricing
Illustration - Provide flexible options

Provide flexible options

Assess the impact of hybrid work schedules on risk, and deliver enhanced quotes using objective, validated foot traffic data.

Assess business interruption coverage

Effectively assess businesses’ loss of income claims associated with lockdowns, emergencies or evacuations.

Illustration - Protect against losses
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Safeguard against natural disasters

Leverage foot traffic data to understand the potential impact of natural disasters on local communities.

Best-in-class data built for your business

Join 100s of organizations leveraging Unacast data for strategic decision making.

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Location Data for Insurance Analysis

Traditional methods of underwriting business owners’ policies (BOP) based on revenue, claim history, or occupancy standards lack the solid proof insurers need to provide accurate quotes. With objective foot traffic data, you can properly identify, evaluate, and write/bind commercial risks with confidence.

A 3D visualization of foot traffic map

Property Insurance

Leverage foot traffic data to confidently insure your clients’ commercial properties against damage to physical, on-premise assets. Claims could include theft, weather-related issues, or structural, maintenance-level damages.

Business Interruption

Deliver comprehensive client quotes with supplemental foot traffic data, leveraging mobility insights to understand the potential impact of a revenue loss. These losses could be triggered by unexpected events that drive consumers away from your clients’ sites.

General Liability

Position foot traffic data alongside existing datasets to evaluate the risk of on-premise injuries. General liability claims could include slip and fall accidents, property damage, or customer injuries

A 3D visualization of the Trade Area

Build accurate risk assessments by understanding employee behavioral patterns. In a hybrid work era, coverage for office, factory and in-field workers is ever evolving with one constant– human mobility data.

Products Shopper Journey: A 3D map showing a shopper's journey through lines between businesses

Use objective foot traffic data to illustrate the potential impact of damages on surrounding areas, triggering a loss in revenue.

Make business decisions with confidence

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Refined for Insurance

Deeper mapping and geospatial data, combined with data-driven insights into customer demographics and preferences, enable you to optimize client operations - from products and pricing to service delivery.

Visitor Stratification

See traffic broken out by different types of visitors, such as local visitors, tourists, or workers.

Industry Details

Evaluate performance by viewing aggregated data by industry, brand, and category / subcategory.

Global Reach

Access location data from around the world, then zoom in to the state, country, city, neighborhood, or census block group level.

Demographic Patterns

View the distribution of visitors by demographics, such as income, education, age, gender, and race.

Trade Areas

Uncover new trade area details such as visitor origins and the distances they travel to a location.

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What our customers are saying

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Our gold mine of location data is Unacast. What really impressed us with this partnership has been the high quality of the data…as well as the amazing support we receive. We have been very happy with this relationship and we are looking forward to continuing into the future.

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Anatasios Noulas
Firefly Advertising
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BT has chosen to partner with Unacast because of the company’s proven track record … We look forward to becoming the market leader within data monetization for the UK market, and our partnership with Unacast is essential to that growth strategy.

person image
Chris Withers
BT Group
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Our strategic partnership with Unacast marries the expertise and data assets of Precisely and Unacast to deliver innovative and highly valued dynamic demographics data to our customers. We trust that our partnership with Unacast will continue to grow into the future.

person image
Jeff Bank
company logo

Unacast is an amazing GCP partner. They are using data to do innovative things ranging from tracking COVID-19 to predicting what location is the best for a new retail store. This is a huge step for our partnership and it will be a game changer!

person image
Ingrid Gonzale
company logo

Unacast is by far the most flexible and adaptable location data provider. They have great coverage geographically, they're adjusting to the market needs in a fast and strategic way, and their teams are transparent and helpful throughout the entire process.

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Jay Panchal
company logo

Our collaboration with Unacast is more important than ever because it takes data integration to the next level to account for evolving shopping habits and provide retailers the necessary insights to adjust operations and customer engagement accordingly.

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Craig Szklany

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