Location Data

Privacy-friendly device-level location data for areas of interest globally.

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How customers use our location data

Analyze human movement and foot traffic patterns over time at a global or local level.

Measure Foot Traffic

Analyze and compare consumer foot traffic trends for custom areas

  • Inform investment decisions
  • Determine new site selection
  • Run predictive analyses
  • Manage store operations
  • Measure attribution
  • Perform competitive intelligence
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Consumer Behavior

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Distance Traveled

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Understand Visitation Trends

Observe movement patterns of mobile devices

  • Study consumer visits going back 3 years
  • Measure visits to locations of interest
  • Determine co-travelers, distance traveled, and more
  • Segment mobile devices based on behavior

Analyze Trade Areas

Understand consumer movement in the community

  • Perform catchment analysis
  • Determine gaps in the market for site selection
  • Understand travel and tourism trends
  • Identify areas for location-based advertising
  • Discover partnership opportunities
  • Plan and develop communities
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Food Deserts in Washington, D.C.

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Population Distribution

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Identify Consumer Personas

Understand consumer mobility at scale

  • Analyze changes in consumer behavior
  • Compare human movement across geographic areas
  • Understand how current events affect human mobility
  • Find anomalies in established movement patterns

Benefits of Location Data

High Quality Data

Rely on 100% deterministic location data.

Quick Analysis

Include only the data you need, enabling faster analysis.

PrivacyCheck Verified

Ensure compliance with worldwide privacy requirements.

Historical Analytics

Access up to 3 years of historical data.

Data Your Way

Flexible Data Delivery

Access our data via APIs or batch data delivery.
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API data access

Request and pay only for the data you need. Get quick access to consumer market trends on demand.

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Batch data delivery

Consumer market trends conveniently delivered directly to you via email or AWS S3 bucket.

Our Methodology

How raw location data becomes location intelligence

Using our patented technology, we combine billions of daily global location signals into a single, annotated location data stream before creating an array of datasets and analytics that are specially designed for enterprise applications.
Step 1

Aggregate raw location data

As an enterprise location intelligence company, we work with a host of location data providers who have raw location data from thousands of different apps. This ensures a more consistent raw location data supply over time and a large-scale data sample that better represents the population.

Step 2

Process data via AdmitOne

To make raw location data usable for analysis, we developed a patented data processing technology, AdmitOne. The AdmitOne platform processes billions of raw location signals every day, eliminating fraudulent, problematic, and duplicate data, and creating a unified, high-quality data stream.

Step 3

Add location data forensics

We add location data forensics to each verified location signal, providing additional information about signal origin, location accuracy, and other key characteristics. Location forensics enable analysts to quickly segment data for analysis.

Step 4

Build analytics and datasets

Location data is the foundation for many of our analytic APIs and datasets. Understand consumer movement, traffic patterns, dwell time, and much more.

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