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Unlock New Value for Your Clients

Optimize client operations – products, pricing, and service delivery – with deeper mapping and geospatial data informed by customer demographics and preferences.

Unacast captures billions of GPS signals each day, curating those data points into actionable foot traffic data. By applying industry-leading supply-correction algorithms, Unacast delivers aggregated data representative of the US population. 

In compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations, Unacast champions consultancies across the globe to translate real-world behavior into accurate client insights.

Evaluate New Markets

Use foot traffic insights to determine which markets clients should enter or divest from, assess trade areas, evaluate new markets, and identify gaps and areas of opportunity.

Benchmark Against Competitors

Uncover trends in the competitive market by analyzing foot traffic patterns across competitors, assessing cross-visitation patterns, and benchmarking relative performance.

Deepen Performance Analysis

Leverage foot traffic patterns to evaluate a site or venue’s performance over time, the impact of marketing strategies, key customer profiles, and visitation patterns.

Fine-Tune Forecasting Models

Improve the depth of forecasting models for demand, supply chains, and revenue with location data that shows changes in geographical demand based on shifting foot traffic patterns.

Refine the Data

Deeper mapping and geospatial data, combined with data-driven insights into customer demographics and preferences, enable you to optimize client operations – from products and pricing to service delivery.

Visitor Stratification

See traffic broken out by different types of visitors, such as local visitors, tourists, or workers.

Industry Details

Evaluate performance by viewing aggregated data by industry, brand, and category / subcategory.

Global Reach

Access location data from around the world, then zoom in to the state, country, city, neighborhood, or census block group level.

Demographic Patterns

View the distribution of visitors by demographics, such as income, education, age, gender, and race.

Trade Areas

Uncover new trade area details such as visitor origins and the distances they travel to a location.


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