What our Site Performance solution solves for

Gain deeper insights about your venue, brand, or market-level performance using real-time location data. Leading organizations leverage Unacast’s human mobility insights to build better products and make smarter decisions with real-world data.

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Measure the performance of a specific site beyond revenue

Benchmark sites against addressable market and competitors

Discover patterns in foot traffic and cross-shopping


Determine visitor profiles and catchment area

Evaluate the impact of promotions, campaigns, new features, etc.

Forecast and manage supply chain

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How to work with the data

While there are many different approaches and methods to aid in site selection, our data sets can be broadly applied in market assessments and trade area analyses.

Analysis at the micro & macro levels

Understanding a specific venue’s performance typically involves point-of-sale revenue, but this data doesn’t capture how well a store performs in terms of visitation. Site-specific data can also be combined with visitation trends across broader geographies providing an effective indicator of brand, category or industry vitality and consumer behavior patterns. Providing actual foot traffic counts allows users to:

Discover patterns in foot traffic such as peak visitation, repeat or lapsed visitors, and average time at site

Conduct cross shopping, cannibalization, and void analyses

Benchmark one or more locations’ against competitors’ sites or total addressable market

Calculate and monitor customer conversion rate (purchases vs. visitors) and store potential

Uncover cross-visitation trends and measure competitors’ share of foot traffic

Determine visitor profiles like where they come from and average income levels

Data sets in
this solution

Unacast provides a selection of specific data sets in our Site Selection solution, many of which can be segmented by area: census tract, county, or state; frequency: day, week, and month; and venue: home and work. For a list of our complete data schema and additional details and descriptions of these data sets, check out our data dictionary here.

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Emerging areas and migration patterns based on daily foot traffic by state


Macro-level location data such as foot traffic at the county level


Micro-level location data such as foot traffic to a particular venue


Catchment area data such as origin of foot traffic or distance traveled


Cross-visitation traffic between venues

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