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A Complete Suite of Foot Traffic Insights for Commercial Real Estate

Our clients use human mobility data to improve their properties and portfolios. Unacast provides the critical insights that help you zero in on the properties that meet your financial, tenant, and branding needs.

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How do I evaluate new investment opportunities using alternative data?

What do visitor trends look like at particular properties or areas?

How can I enhance my market analysis and trade area assessments using human mobility insights?


Who is my customer, what is their profile?

What are my customers’ journeys, where do they come from (catchment area)?

How can I uncover customer journeys and profiles?

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Explore the ways you and your team can leverage our data to address strategic business challenges

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Get foot traffic data for any city, state, or point of interest with detailed insights on population movements, migration trends, shifts in demographics, and more. You can learn more about our methodologies and view our frequently asked questions.

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