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The holiday season has just ended, but that doesn’t mean that brands should lessen their campaign game. Whether you are looking to reach customers with a semi-annual sale campaign or help them take their minds off the news with a little retail therapy, then our ‘Mall Lovers & Frequent Shoppers’ advertising audience is right for you. In a nutshell, this advertising audience can be defined as mobile consumers who are regularly observed at malls and related places or events throughout the U.S.

This audience is defined by those of us who frequent the mall more often than most. Think of this audience as the folks who were the first ones in line to shop when the malls opened post-lockdown. They are often found in stores like Victoria’s Secret and American Eagle. Interestingly, they are just as likely to be found at pet stores like PetSmart and at craft and party supply stores like Hobby Lobby and Party City.

These people are society’s extroverts. When they aren’t shopping, they are still out at coffee shops, museums, and theatres. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that ‘Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers’ also love their fashion, sales, and retail-related events like fashion shows. Because of this audience’s affinity for shopping and a general love of fashion and sales, this is the perfect audience for brands to focus on in the post-holiday season.

For some interesting facts about Unacast's ‘Mall Lovers & Frequent Shoppers’ audience, check out our quick guide infographic below.

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