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NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Unacast, a global location data and analytics firm, today announced the expansion of its solution to include aggregated data sets for international markets in 80+ countries. With this launch, organizations have increased visibility across multiple regions through a consistent source of clean, aggregated data, allowing them to move beyond device level data and eliminate internal data processing efforts.

Location and visitation activity data measures how and when places are visited, providing insights into what days/times a location sees foot traffic, how much and for how long. Traditionally, this type of international data wasn't readily available and was harder to use to derive insights.

Multinational enterprises, consultancies and global software analytics vendors need access to consistent sets of this type of data across different regions. This can then be used to help with site selection, competitive analysis and demand forecasting. Use cases include retailers – who will be able to see where people go before and after they shop and compare the foot traffic in their stores to others – and the real estate sector, where the data helps owners and investors understand the foot traffic around their office buildings and multi-family residential buildings.

Unacast's visitation activity product set will now be available to users for 80+ countries, with diverse degrees of coverage. This will allow new and current customers to build data insights in countries outside of the U.S., and make it easier to incorporate the data into existing applications and tools. Critically, this data will be aggregated to protect personal identity. These clean, filtered insights will be customizable for the customer.

Rikard Bandebo, chief product officer, Unacast, said: "Data is hard to get and use in countries outside of the United States, creating an obstacle for organizations looking to move into new regions. Unacast is making that data easier to use and more accessible by investing to source as much data as possible, then contextualizing it to provide value to customers. We're excited to offer this vital information to our customers so they can make the best decisions for their organizations."


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