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Unacast has won the 2019 Street Fight Innovator Award for Most Innovative Use of Geospatial Technology. The award is meant to recognize the most innovative use of geospatial technology which demonstrates notable innovation in mapping, navigation, geographical visualization, and related areas, whether for internal purposes or for the benefit of end-users. 

Our award-winning product is Turbine, a disruptive Platform as a Service utilizing anonymized location data to better our collective cities and societies and make a more sustainable tomorrow. Turbine is a PaaS version of our technology - where all our capabilities are externalized for our clients to use on their own data without releasing that data into a commercial environment.

Criteria for the 2019 Street Fight Innovator Award for Most Innovative Use of Geospatial Technology included ease of use, efficacy, cost-efficiency, long-term potential, innovation, creativity, fresh thinking and application of cutting-edge tech.

Telia signs with Unacast for use of Turbine

‍To mark the launch of Turbine, Northern European telco Telia signed with Unacast to power all their location tech and insights across all of Telia’s markets. With our Norwegian origin and heritage, this is of course also exciting on a more personal level. The partnership with Telia also signals the future of real-world insights, as we empower the release of immense new volumes of location data, in a fast and accurate way with all data being anonymized, aggregated, and scrambled every 24 hours. 

With Turbine, and externalizing our proprietary technology, Unacast can now empower all other companies across the world to finally extract value from their dormant location data, without mixing it with other sources. We enable them to benefit from our cutting edge location data processing and technology, resulting in privacy-friendly products fully contained within the boundaries of that company to solve specific business needs. 

Understanding the real world with The Real World Graph by Unacast

Unacast is the global platform for high-quality location insights. Through our network of location data partners, Unacast’s advanced filtering and clustering algorithms ensure all data that ends up in our proprietary Real World Graph© is a trustworthy visit, dwell, or journey - meaning that we understand both the device and the context. This data is coupled with other signals to provide a transparent full picture of behavior in the real world while maintaining and respecting user privacy.

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