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Unacast’s Q2 Product Enhancement Recap

In our era of digital technology and ubiquitous connectivity, we generate unprecedented volumes of data about our movements in both physical and digital spaces. This surge in accessible information brings a wealth of opportunities. At Unacast, we are committed to continuous innovation to meet today’s data demands and anticipate future needs. We are thrilled to share our latest advancements in data capabilities through innovative API and platform updates.

Unacast Launched New Data Enrichment API

Unacast’s Consumer Data Enrichment API enhances pseudonymous Registration IDs or hashed email addresses (HEMs) with privacy-friendly demographics, app data, personas, and more. Start with your own data (or ours) to create bespoke datasets tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Gain meaningful insights by understanding and improving reach, measurability, and addressability. This innovation allows you to move beyond third-party cookies and develop a comprehensive view of consumer behavior, motivations, and desires.

Enhanced Trade Areas Analysis

We have upgraded our popular trade area functionality to empower our customers in identifying the where and why behind trade areas. Our Aggregated Foot Traffic datasets and Location Insights platform now offer an even simpler approach to trade areas analysis. These tools enable visualization of trade areas by census block group and zip code, as well as home and work locations. Multiple analysis options help our customers understand the true reasons behind specific travel patterns.

Ranking and Benchmarking added to Unacast’s Location Insights Platform

Our new ranking and benchmarking feature provides unparalleled market intelligence by allowing businesses to compare their performance against industry standards. This feature helps our customers stay ahead by identifying strengths and areas for improvement in various locations.

We live in a truly data-driven world, and technological advancements will only accelerate this trend. At Unacast, we are dedicated to leading this ever-evolving landscape through constant innovation and new ways to harness the power of data. We believe data holds the key to unlocking limitless possibilities, and we are excited to spearhead this journey.

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