Dynamic Trade Area Data

Identify your true trade areas by looking at home and work origins of your visitors and how they change with time

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How customers use the Dynamic Trade Areas dataset

Customers leverage the Dynamic Trade Areas dataset to get ahead by testing key business criteria including:

Competitive intelligence

Identify which areas are saturated with competitors, and which present untapped opportunities for brand investment.

Measuring Marketing Campaigns

Validate whether marketing campaigns are directly correlated with an increase in customer visits from target neighborhoods.

Site Selection

Reduce risk of opening your new store by targeting the right customer at the right place, ensuring accessibility both for local residents and neighboring visitors.

Trade Area Insights

Measure customer loyalty from various neighborhoods with insights into ever-evolving visitor patterns around your store.


What you can get through the Dynamic Trade Areas dataset.


What are your trade areas?

Use your customers’ home and work locations to identify trade areas.


What is your trade area distance?

Determine how far people travel to visit your business.

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