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Location analytics software for identifying your next business opportunity

Get insights into the places you care about with Unacast’s location analytics software. Let our generative AI surface the exact insights you need to drive your business forward.

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Grow into new markets with confidence

Use foot traffic, demographic data, and migration trends to determine where to expand. Identify underserved areas before your competitors.

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Graphs showing demographics and traffic trends of a Shopping Center at Hillside
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Understand the value of properties

Use foot traffic and visitation data to determine the value of commercial real estate investments, and the likelihood of tenants to renew.

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Analyze people movements and behaviors in locations you care about

Visualize foot traffic and understand how people move throughout the U.S. — from cities and zip codes down to specific neighborhoods and venues.

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Make better investment decisions

Identify emerging markets early and understand the future potential of a property. Find out how demographic shifts are impacting a specific area.

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Refine your retail strategy

Use foot traffic trends, cross-shopping patterns, and trade area analysis to inform your product offerings, category mix, marketing campaigns, and partnerships.

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Stay ahead of your competition

Get insights into your competitors’ performance, customer base, and more. Measure your market share and regional dominance over time.

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Understand your visitors

Get a deeper understanding not only of the demographics of visitors, but also the motivations of visitors based on 80 behavioral segments. Find out where visitors come from, where they live and work, why they are visiting, and where else they go.

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Graphs showing demographics and traffic trends of a Shopping Center at Hillside
Graph showing Top Postal Area people moving to 11209, NY came frim

Stay on top of migration trends

See where people are moving to and from, and understand the future economic impacts.

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Benefits of Location Analytics Software

See how location insights is helping companies in retail, real estate, financial services, and more.
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Track visits to a location over time, and the demographics of those visitors

identify the home illustration

Identify the home and work locations of your visitors

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Find out what other brands your visitors go to

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Benchmark foot traffic in your industry or market

Zip Code

Visualize migration at the zip code level

State Migration

Understand where people are moving to and from

Migration Trends - Benefit

Identify net population changes

Resident Demographics

Get demographics like income, gender, and more.

Problems you can solve

Our datasets can help you understand migration trends in the U.S., foot traffic to your locations of interest, and the origins and cross visits of your visitors. With machine-learning powered insights, you can make more informed decisions for site selection or deselection, boost your competitive advantage, and so much more.

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