Who we are

Thomas Walle and Kjartan Slette were part of the founding team at the music streaming service TIDAL, acquired by Jay Z in 2014.

Thomas and Kjartan headed up commercial departments on both the supply and distribution side, helping to shape the then immature music streaming industry into a global phenomenon.

At TIDAL, they knew everything about what users listened to and the music they shared. Based on this, TIDAL recommended new and relevant music. What TIDAL didn't know was the concerts users went to, or how they moved around at the event - so, nothing about the user’s physical self.

Thomas and Kjartan wanted to build new functions (showing relevant music) and new monetization logics (monetizing insights to labels) based on this knowledge, but there was no data available to do so, as ticketing data was not openly available and GPS data was not accurate enough. This seemed to be a missed opportunity.

So, on the back of the iBeacon launch by Apple in 2013, Thomas and Kjartan decided to go out and fix this problem by building a company that connected all beacons and sensors in the world to the same platform - and couple that with other location signals.

That was the start of Unacast.

How we build and shape a new industry

We see a future where precise and verified location data will be absolutely necessary to power the most advanced global products in everything from marketing and analytics to bots and AI, through human mobility data.

The full power of location data can however only be fully harnessed if aggregated, and Unacast is the largest platform for doing so. We access these unique data sets by partnering with Location Data Providers and and in return provide solutions for retargeting, attribution and monetization back to them.

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We unlock the black box of human mobility data to advance innovation.

With our superior knowledge of human mobility, we aspire to be the trusted foundation for all data-driven decisions.